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Thinking About Trying Rez-V


I am a 20 year old college student, and have been reading about the benefits of Resveratrol in essentially protecting against estrogen while supporting Testosterone amongst other benefits. My question is this: What, if any increase in T can I hope for, and also is it ok to take along with HOT-ROX and Flameout (I assume it is totally fine with Low-carb Metabolic Drive.).

I have been searching for a store that sells grassfed beef and free range chicken, to avoid heavy estrogen intake, but there don't seem to be any nearby and even if there were, it could wind up being prohibitively expensive for me at this time. I would hope that Rez-V could help counteract the effect of ingesting the seemingly large quantity of estrogen I am probably taking in.

Edit: I am also curious as to what type of impact (I assume positive) on libido.


I think it depends on whether you are trying to "protect" against estrogen, or increase your testosterone. I just started taking Alpha Male this week, unfortunately it's still to early for me to give any feedback, but I've got another thread on the subject in which I'll update after a couple more weeks.

With regards to mixing with other products, I'm sure one of the mods will be a better source of information. But just for reference, I'm currently taking Flameout (4 capsules per day), HOT-ROX (2 pills in the morning when fasted), BCAA (before and after fasted cardio), Alpha Male (4 pills per day).

So I'm on a ton of supps but I haven't had any bad experience so far. But definitely check with the mods to make sure it's all healthy, because for all I know I could be doing something real stupid.


If you are seeking an anabolic effect, I'd get some Alpha Male/ZMA(or mineral support). If you are wanting health/longevity, Rez-v is a good idea. I just don't think you are going to notice any muscle-building effects from it.

BUT you're 20 and most likely don't need it and would be better buying bulk protein and food.


Yeah, I'm looking at this more for health than for anabolism. DoubleDuce, I am in a very favorable position in which my parents are paying for whatever food I need (they are 100% on board and supportive of my health and fitness goals), and my dad is currently paying for my protein (I don't work at school).

As such, its more a matter of protecting against estrogen, and keeping my T levels as high as possible without any kind of drug use (the drugs work for some people so I don't want to take away from that).


Rez-V isn't, from my experience, a supplement where you'll actually "feel" effects like increased T or a libido boost. I look at it more along the lines of something like Vitamin D... I take it because I know that the dosage I'm taking is healthful and beneficial, even if I can't really detect whether it's "working or not."

Rez-V is fine with all three of those, because they're completely unrelated.

How much estrogen do you actually think you're "taking in" on a daily basis? Are you microwaving antibiotic-riddled chicken in plastic bowls twice a day while sipping beer and chewing on plastic pen caps during class?

A healthy concern with minimizing xenoestrogens is fine, but it's easy to go overboard/paranoid once you start really looking into it. Do the best you can, eat a "good" diet, and take Rez-V as an insurance policy/investment in long-term health.


I'm just concerned because I have heard all about the added hormones in alot of beef and chicken and currently don't have access to anywhere nearby where I can find food without those hormones. I'm going to keep looking though.