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Thinking About TRT

Hi everyone, my wife and I are in our late 30s so we decided to check our hormone levels and here are my results. Sorry about the poor formatting.

|Total Testosterone|293|300 - 836 ng/dl|
|Free Testosterone|7|10 - 20 ng/dl|
|Free Testosterone (%)|2.41|1 - 3 %|
|SHBG|18.6|16.5 - 55.9 nmol/L|
|Albumin|4.4|4.1 - 5 g/dl|
|Luteinizing Hormone (LH)|2.68|1.24 - 7.8 IU/L|
|Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)|36|7 - 56 IU/L|
|Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)|16|5 - 40 IU/L|
|Estradiol|58.5|7.6 - 42.6 pg/ml|

I’m 38, 6’3, 260 lbs, bf maybe 20? Dad bod.

Used to lift when I was younger but then work, kids, yadda, so haven’t seriously lifted in about 8 years, but got back on track this year. Started whole body 3x week, and diet wise cutting out all the crap (booze, junk snacks, fast food) and making sure to have some protein and veggies with every meal. Supps are just a multi and fish oil right now.

Nonexistent libido and low energy/motivation are my main issues.

Right now I’m trying to gather info and advice about what to do, important things to pay attention to, helpful reading, etc. Thanks in advance.

Simply being a dad can lower your testosterone, then add in poor lifestyle factors and this is a recipe for super low testosterone levels.

Your testosterone panel is showing a profound deficiency in testosterone and if not corrected it will invite the diseases of aging and your quality of life and health will continue to go downhill.

Estradiol is pretty high in relation to testosterone and additional body fat can decrease testosterone via LH suppression.

Your estradiol levels will become elevated if you choose to go on TRT, but elevated estradiol levels while on TRT isn’t usually a problem since the HPTA is suppressed.

DHT is more of a driver of libido and wellbeing and is converted from testosterone which is super low, so I expect DHT to also be low if you were to test for it.

If you are looking to have more kids TRT can make you infertile but there are ways to deal with that down the road, like adding HCG and FSH injections or stopping TRT for a couple of months and starting clomid therapy can restore fertility in as little as 6 months.

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Effect, meet our friend cause:

You have low testosterone and high e2. That is double bad. You’re likely to feel better by working out more and dieting. Just based on what I’ve seen here over the years I’m going to bet that your 20% bf estimate is off by a significant amount. Very few people are good at estimating that number and when you get over that 18% area it becomes really difficult to do without actually measuring. You know what you need to do. You’re already doing some of it, and that’s great. I say spend the next two months really focusing in on diet and training, then get retested. You’re likely to be on track for trt at some point, just based on your numbers. But lifestyle improvements can help in the meantime.

You’re right there, I don’t look like there’s an ounce of body fat on me but the scales still say 17%!