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Thinking About This Split


Bench, other exercises like dips etc, that hit triceps, shoulders and chest.

Wednesday would be pretty much deadlift day, since it’s mainly full body exercise, i’ll throw in some balance work that don’t really need much from muscles, also bridging, and i was wondering neck exercises like wrestlers bridge.

Friday, shoulders and legs. Mainly squat and standing shoulder presses, thinking about hanging grip work as well. sine those exercises don’t tax my grip much, would be good spot to train this.

The point of this is that i try to train two “opposite” (is that the right word) muscle groups, For example i don’t need abs that much in benching, so they’re fresh to train. But shoulder presses and benching at the same day wouldn’t be useful. At least it seems to me that way.

I guess there is dozens of this kind of programs, but i just been playing with this idea with this when i was at work today, and it was a silent day.

It could also be better to switch deadlift to mondays, to get more recovery to squats on fridays. But i’ll see how it feels.

This is just an idea, i try to incorporate pullups too somewhere, or is there any sense in this?

We do not know your goals nor do we know you.

your work out is extremely vague. No rep or set scheme.

Using words like “Throw in” and “try” is a dead give away that you should follow a program that is in line with your goals.

So, we either need way more info or we can refer you to a proven program when we learn your goals.