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Thinking about the Zone

Has anyone ever used Barry Sears’ The Zone?

Do a search in the forum… There have been lots of previous threads on The Zone in the past.

I posted the same question few weeks ago, and opinions are that: it’s too low in calorie, it’s not designed for serious mass/strength increase or fatloss, but it’s healthy (vegitables and essential oil) and quite satisfying which helps sticking to the diet.
I tried it for two weeks light training and no progress.

I’ve been using it for over a year, and it’s the easiest way to eat plenty and keep BF down. Everyone I know who has tried it faitfully has loved it.

AND the percentages (which are not carved in stone; Sears says so) are perfectly compatible with the percentages that I have seen recommended by the gents at TMag.

BUT, it’s designed to get you to–and keep you at–a “healthy” balance. many of the T-Nation want lower BF than is considered a “healthy norm.” So you will need to alter it if you want to get “ripped.” That having been said, if you know someone who is significantly overweight (with the acompnaying health problems), a strict Zone diet is an incredible way for them to get healthier and drop excess BF. Combined with exercise, it’s terrific.

Two things I think you must know about the Zone: 1. You can eat essentially any foods you like, so long as the essential balance of calories from P, C, and F is maintained. 2. You never allow yourself to feel hungry.