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Thinking About the Velocity Diet

Who has tried? and what kind of results were attained? Thinking about doing this here very soon, as my BF% is rediculous, and im tired of yo yo dieting heh. Been there done that, now i need something that I can rip off everything and get back to former glory.


Click on the search button on the top of this page and look for “Velocity” or “Velocity Diet Support Group.” There have been several extensive threads on the topic. Those should help you decide.


I’d suggest solving the yo-yo problem before doing the Velocity Diet.

It will work and will remove a good deal fat for the time you are doing it, but if you don’t have the willpower to enforce some good dietary habits for the rest of the year, you’ll just gain it back.

Although, it does seem to help people control cravings once they make it through the diet.

Anyway, the way you describe it you are quite overweight, not just looking to lose a couple dozen pounds. If that’s so, you won’t be all the way to where you want to get after doing the diet…

I think Im pretty informed with stuff relating to the V-Diet… I just finished my second run on it. Fell free to PM me with any questions pertaining to it…

In counter to what Vroom said…
He’s right…but the V-diet is a really good kick in the ass to get someone started on the right path to dieting. The only problem is the major down-regulation of your metabolism.