Thinking About Starting TRT

Yeah sounds like you’re a prime candidate for TRT.
Saying that, if and when they fix your sinus issues, have a septoplasty say, it can make a night and day difference

Yeah start doing some kind of direct cardio/conditioning work, will suck for the first month but important for overall health and energy especially with all your issues.
This good for bad knees…

3RMs/ regular heavy low rep work not ideal in your situation -can leave you fried at the best of times.
Use the info on this site, try something submaximal like this for a while, can even act as a tonic…

(fine to spread out over 2 weeks)

RE plantar fascitis: look around this guys channel loads of outside the box tips…

Also in the mean time try adding ZMA and as a big guy crank the vit d further like 15000 one day a week. Alpha Male something to consider also