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Thinking about Starting HCG or Clomid


215 lbs

Have been struggling with secondary hypogonadism (as diagnosed by doc) for awhile now. Testicle shrinkage, lack of libido, low muscle growth etc. Testosterone currently in the 600s but still not feeling how I should be / used to feel. My Lh and Fsh ranges are both very low in the low 2's from a 1.0-9.5 scale. My doctor said my E2 levels were somewhat high so he prescribed arimidex that I have been on for 2 weeks which helped very slightly if anything...

A buddy of mine who used to take steroids told me how he and his friends have used HCG for PCT to get back to their normal ranges and that it "saved" them. I also purchased some clomid that I havent used yet.

Thinking about getting ahold of some HCG / nolvadex but not very clear on the dosage and the correct stack to use with arimidex or clomid or if it is even safe to use them together. I am curious the success rate of these drugs too. I am very concerned about my libido as I am starting my junior year of college and am really tired of making excuses for why I can't get it in... Lol

Any advice / personal stories are much appreciated... Just trying to get my life back on track...



Answers to these questions are in the sticky’s.
Personally I am on Sustanon 250 every other week, 20mg Nolvadex daily and 1mg Arimidex spread over a week with great results.