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Thinking About Starting a PL Club at my College

Cliffs: I want to start a powerlifting team, how should I do it.

My school doesn’t have one and I miss the comraderry and exchange of ideas from the PL club at my old school. I don’t think it would be hard to get one going, but keeping it going would be the hard part.


  1. I’m still a novice by PL standards (however, I am one of the strongest for my size at my gym so that might give me a little credibility to people I try to recruit)
  2. I’ve haven’t attended a powerlifting meet yet.
  3. The facilities available would be the college gym which does not allow chalk, does not have a dead-lifting platform, and uses the dreaded octagon plates.

I’m thinking I should just go for it and maybe as a group of people with a love for the iron, we’ll be able to muddle through as a PL team. That’s my hope.

Is there some sort of research into this I need to do?

Would I just be better off powerlifting solo and not starting a team until I have more experience?

how about instead of forming a “team” , you just get a bunch of guys together and call it a “group” . train as a group , learn a s group , compete and help each other out as often as you can . as different people come and go (and that will happen), you’ll notice a core group that seems to stick it out .

thats your team

Try talking to your school’s Director of Activities. It should be part of Res Life. They may help you with some in-house organization. You are going to have to become very knowledgeable about PL. If they think it will be a group of meat-heads they won’t lift a finger to help you.

yea, Danjo had a good point, definitely know your shit before you talk to someone about making it a group/school thing…have a decent idea of what you, and others can get out of the program, aside from being strong fuckers haha, like you said, the comradery, something to dedicate yourself too and better yourselves on many levels, both inside and outside of the gym…maybe find a few others who would want to start it as well so that way when you present the idea you can say you found X number of people who would also like this to be a part of the school…those are just a few things i could think of off the top of my head, but if you want it done, theres no reason why it cant be done…good luck buddy, i hope it works out cuz powerlifting and just lifting with a tight group is an awesome thing…


Yeah I second/third what other people have said, dont look for a team, just a training partner, I have done that and me and my partner have gotten so much stronger.

And find a damn gym that will help your powerlifting goals…if you can.