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Thinking About Ordering Spike


hey dudes..

i have a quick question about Spike..i have only been a member a short time here, but have been reading articles for a while now...i am considering ordering a bottle of this, (can't get free sample in Saskatchewan) but have a concern..

i have read all the articles about acne and creatine (dont't worry not bringing that up again) but when i take creatine i notice i break out after like 2 days on it..not saying that it is the creatine, it may be alot of other things involved w it..has anyone noticed the same thing when taking Spike?

just curious b/f i spend 70 beans on a bottle...
not taking any other supps right now, just lotsa protein....also am thinking about ordering Grow!..read lots about it, sounds great!! can't wait to start using Biotest supps!!!

thanks in advance..


Acne and Creatine? Please point me in the direction of these discussions.


no, never had nor heard of acne problems w/ Spike ( or creatine, for that matter, till now...)


Enis, how old are you? Do you lift? How long have you been lifting and how much do you weigh?


--25yrs old, 6'1" and 187lbs (ya i know i am a twig)...been lifting for about 3 years off and on..graduated in 98 at 6'1" 151 lbs.. so i have come along way since then...

for the last little while i have really been getting into lifting, and seen some decent improvment lately..just looking for that edge in the morning...i never knew why i wasnt seeing any weight gain in the past but after reading here, all i needed to do was eat more...and eating i have done..since then i have seen some weight finally...

i work out at 7AM everyday, and need a little extra juice then, something w/out creatine..it's also really hard on my stomach..again not sure if it's the creatine in general or what..

i have to be carefull what i ingest, i have a really sensitive stomach (as stupid as that sounds)...but yeah...

all feedback is welcome...


I'll bet dollars to donuts Spike won't affect your acne. For me it didn't do much.


Yeah, I don't think Spike has an endocrinological effect. I'd say try it...


36 lbs in 8 years? Yeah.. you've come a looooooong way.


If you're deciding between Spike and Grow!, then buy the Grow! Tough to beat a MRP as perfect as this one. If you already have plenty of dietary stuff, Spike has been working wonderfully for me.


i am definatly gowing to get Grow!, but i'd like to get Spike as well, save on shipping...

as a teen i used to be really acne prone, but not so much in the past 2-3 years or so...must be growing out if it..but yeah...i will continue to see if anyone else has had any issues..

but thanks so far for the feedback..appreciated...


Spike rocks.

i found it took a week to really get into it. To notice it to its full extent. But once youve hit that 7 day point you will never go back. Id order a pallet of the stuff if i just had the money.


Speaking of acne....Ive had dramatic, clearing results from taking fish oil and CLA. Took aboout 2 months to notice anything, but one day I looked in the mirror and noticed I didnt have the usual breakouts on my shoulders/back anymore.


well i picked up my Grow! & Spike tdy..i was talking to the dude about ordering it and he just ordered it anyway..so to my surprize i got it today!!!

i will test tomorrow morning and let u all know how it went...


Spike is good shit.


Biotest Supp are good stuff.

Spike makes you go nuts, 2 pills is a must for me on deadlifts, squats or bench day. Helps a lot when I have an AM/PM w/o day too.

I've had success with everything from these guys. Metabolic Drive!, HOT-ROX, Spike, Surge and Metabolic Drive Bars.

I just ordered Flameout and Methoxy-7 and I'm sure I'll be happy with my purchase.