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Thinking About Moving


currently live in chicago, sick of it, got nothing holding me here, looking to move and start over, new job, everything.

places im considering...
- san diego
- austin
- atlanta
- miami/ft lauderdale
- scottsdale/phoenix
- 'wildcard'

opinions and discussions on these potential locales is welcome and will be met with little rebuttal since ive really only been to san diego between all the options.


I should move too. I have been in the same place entirely too long. I need a change of scenery too.

So I'll soon get away from the keyboard and sit on the sofa.


DC = job opportunities and extra-cirricular activities.

Who is the lovely ladie in your avi?


Do not go to Austin-too many new people there already


Move to the ABQ so you can hook up with Walt and Jesse and get in on that sweet meth action.


x2, you motherfuckers are ruining the charm you are chasing.

Phoenix is nice. Growing, relatively cheap cost of living compared to the other cities you listed and quirky in it's own way, not as commercialized as Austin yet either.

PS. Tex Ag, I had some Dublin Dr. Pepper over Thanksgiving weekend. In the glass bottles of course, I always leave the cans on the shelf.


San diego, which of course in German means 'a whales vagina'


For a wild card, if you are ok with an expensive place, Hawaii. A buddy of mine lives over there. He is a male nurse, BSN or some shit and doesn't earn much but he lives in a small apartment, he's a happily single dude and he spends his time at the beach/hiking/riding his motorcycle in the mountains/chasing women. Loves it.

My personal fav. place on the planet is Puerto Rico. Smaller waves but great beaches (smoking hot local women, often in thongs or very high cut bikinis), mountains, fantastic night life in San Juan and CHEAP. And the women LOVE americans. They know you probably have money and hope to win your heart (bank) with their vaginas.

You can live for pennies on the dollar, as long as you stay out of touristy areas and large developments targeting international buyers. Beer is literally $0.25 (as a territory they use dollars) and a damn good meal is like $3 in the smaller, non touristy towns. You can get an ocean front property (small bungalow, maybe 2 bedroom) for like $150k and up to millions of course. Right on the Caribbean.

Just brush up on your spanish. Unlike the other islands, PR is largely Latin rather than black, just as an aside. A different culture than Jamaica, St. Croix, St. Thomas et cetera. Think J-Lo, a Puerto Rican, in her younger years in a thong on the beach. She's an average bitch down there. Many tighter bodied, big assed hotties living simple, unnoticed fishing village lives.

There are mountains too and leaving the beach for the mountains is like night and day different. Fishing villages are traded for coffee farms and agriculture even though the whole island is tiny, totally different cultures.

Bring your own money though, you will no doubt run in to issues of economy of scale otherwise.


1st are you currently employed?
2nd how old are you?


Midland, Texas


jewels jade, super fit pornstar, digs the anal.




thats what im thinking, you live out there?



i am not a motherfucker sir, this kind of hostility is gonna have to stop before i visit texas and we go 'booty crusin' haha

phoenix/scottsdale is one ive been leaning towards as well, anyone on here live out there?


had a friend that was puerto rican, says the same thing, i will try to visit there though, but to move would be too big of a committment without visiting.

hawaii? now way, im a mainland boy, love my football, basketball, and baseball, dont surf, not into volleyball, hiking, climbing, or bike riding, so it would only be nice to visit.


Texas sucks.


not necessarily.



got it.


Oh sweetie. You know just how to earn a spanking.