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Thinking about Moving


Thinking about taking the fiance and myself and moving from long island to vt. whatcha think?



^^ Probably one of the best first responses I've ever witnessed on an internet forum. May I propose that you respond only using music videos with titles that are pertinent to the topic at hand?


I'll see what I can do.


Despite not knowing the original poster or his fiancee, and having never been to either Long Island or Vermont, I wholeheartedly recommend the move and feel it is the best option for both of you at this pivotal juncture in your life.


Is the possible CHANGE really worth it? Is it TRULY part of your VISION QUEST?


I was thinking about moving....but no, I'll stay right here in front of the computer with my head on my left hand.


Not sure what to think, given all the history you've provided. So, here's a funny video. I lol'd, roflmao'd, then lol'd again, slightly less than the first lol.


haha in this case (if your french is sub par), they are arguing about not wearing a sock and the possibility of infection and amputation.

Oh yeah, why move to Vermont, nothing there.


LI sucks. im there now. too crowded