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Thinking About Moving to Strongman. Looking for Experienced Advice


Hey guys. I’ve been around T Nation for a while but never made my way to this block.

My experience is powerlifting. I’ve just made the move to a local Strongman gym. I’m on a powerlifting/strength cycle until April. Afterwards I am very much considering training for Strongman. There is a meet/comp? at the end of the year so I have something to work towards.

Which YouTube channels to you recommend for form and programming education?

Which coaches/programs do you recommend for a total Strongman noob?

Thanks guys


The people at your gym are going to be your best resource. See of you can make a little crew up to help each other along .



I’ve seen it mentioned on here by a few folks, and it was advice I took into consideration. Is there a competition sooner than years end? If so give that one a shot.

I ran a 12 week program to prep for a contest I probably wasn’t quite ready for, just to see if I even liked competing in strongman. It turned out to be a good time, but if I hated it I’d have been glad I only spent 3 months training for it instead of 6 or more.


Alan Thrall and Brian Alsruhe have good YouTube channels. I don’t really know but maybe Thor, Brian Shaw, or other accomplished strongmen have some.

I’m not a strongman but I’ve watched a lot of Alsruhe’s videos and he gives some good ideas for programming, both in general strength (getting your squat, deadlift, press, etc. up) and working on strongman specifically.


the best info I’ve gotten have been from Kalle Beck (starting strongman) and brian alsruhe. Kalle has a TON of content out there, and he covers the basics on just about every movement, as well as other topics related to getting into the sport and learning it.

Starting at a gym with proper equipment is definitely an awesome start. familiarity with implements is huge. Along with watching videos, learn from the competitors at your gym. That’s an invaluable resource, because you can get immediate, direct feedback on what you’re doing. Prioritize learning the log, stones,farmers carries and yoke early on. Those show up all the time in comps. Axle deadlifts and clean and presses are also important to learn. If you really want to hate life, give the circus db a shot.


Thanks for that. That’s a good place to start learning and practicing.
I’ll definitely do my research by watching Brian and kalle. Brian has come up several times now


why not just get a quality coach who has participated in Olympic style and strongman national/international events.

The first person who comes to mind is Clint Darden

both online and personal (Cyprus) training
I believe he is still part of Elite FTS.

oh, he has a youtube as well.


I think that’s a good idea for a more advanced competitor, but I think it’s probably not money well spent for someone just learning the events. My coach actually fits your description exactly. He’s been practicing Oly lifting since he was 12 years old, and won my weight class in strongman nationals last year. But having him as a coach, say, 3 years ago when I was just getting started wouldn’t have made a whole lot of sense, in terms of dollars spent. I got to 4th in a world championship event in my weight class without ever working with a coach. Now, I’m saying that anyone needs to reach THAT level before hiring a coach, but I think it makes sense to get at least some experience with the equipment first, and then hire a coach once you know where your weak points are.


I second asking people at your gym, I think it’s hard to find info online because there’s so many implements and variations that a variety of approaches seem to work.

Brian Alsruhe is really good but my only critique is that his sample programs are just too taxing, a bunch of us ran his “darkhorse” program around the same time over the summer. We all saw very good results but within about 8 weeks we all started to burn out and stall. Could always try it for yourself though to see how things go.

( I’ve only been doing strongman for 7 months so listen to everyone else instead of me)