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Thinking About Joining The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders


Hey guys. I am thinking of trying out for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. However, one thing that keeps me up at night is not being able to bench press my usual weight while still fitting into a size 2 outfit and standing on the shoulders of my sisters.

Does anyone know if I will be able to have big biceps yet still look scrumptious?



If you have to ask this question you're not even in the ball park my misguided friend. Why don't you try talking to some DC cheerleaders if you're even serious about this???



But I have a dream....that one day I will wear a tiara and shake my groove thing for millions, but I don't want to lose my muscles. Don't cheerleaders get to lift weights? Maybe I could lift after splits training.


more pics are needed, not of you though


Your best bet is to stop lifting weight altogether. Nobody likes a girl that lifts weights.


But the Cheerleader recruiter told me that no one really looks at the cheerleader at the base of the pyramid up close and I know there are gyms in Dallas!

Won't one muscular cheerleader help the whole group!?

I can be a very massive shoulder to cry on in times of need.


I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard to an mage of your former avatar wearing a blonde wig and a cheerleaders outfit.

Professor X, the worlds freakiest trannie?


See, I was expecting for people to tell me to follow my dreams and be all that I can be. I was waiting for you all to tell me nothing is impossible, no mountain too high, no valley too low, and no ocean too deep.

I...I just don't know what to think anymore!

The recruiter believes in me!!!


More pics of my sisters.

See, they squat too!


Sorry X, your ass is just a little bit too non-functional.


If it helps, I believe you could be the worlds freakiest trannie.

Feel better now?




Kelly here has a lagging pectoralis major. They NEED me! I could bulk her chest right up!!


Squats and milk.


After viewing these recruiting pics, I'm strongly considering joining myself.



You guys suck. Just because of that, I am keeping the pics of my sisters running the bleachers in the nude...in the rain...to myself!!


damnit donovanbrambila, why you gotta go and do that!!




Here we have him doing some tryouts.

You're doing the wrong kind of pose, X.


Don't believe everything those Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders recruiters tell you. They'll say anything to get you to sign up, then its all about "needs of the squad". You could end up getting an assignment as sports bra de-stainer for all you know.