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Thinking About Joining Navy Seals


Hey guys im thinking of trying out for the navy seals. One thing that I am scared of is not being able to work out,eat right and sleep enough. Anyone know how they work out with weights and If you heard about Hell Week were you only get 4 hours of sleep a week for a week which could not be good for your workout. Anyone Know??


From my knowledge of watching "G.I. Jane" there will be no weights.

If your trying out the the Navy seals, why would you be worried about lifting anyway? At the end of the day I REALLY doubt youd wanna lift.


well it won't be good for a bodybuilder, of course... but you will be in much better shape afterwards. I went through USMC training, which I suppose isnt much compared to them - and everyone reacted different to that as well. Some actually gained weight whereas I went from 160 to 130.. fast metabolism I guess. I dont think they lift weights, besides logs, rope climbs, pull ups, running with your raft for miles on end.


What is GI Jane and do you suggest something else that you could work out. Like in the marines you lift weights right?



I am thinking of Joining The NY Giants but their workouts might interfere with mine, which are so much more intense.


In the marines...How was the lifting and food plus sleep?


I understand you be in better shape but im guessing you can not eat to make up buring all those calories running. I guess thats not for me.


Dude first of all you don't just join the seals, they are selected from the spec ops community. Second if you even question for a minute if you want/and or can do it then you won't make it.


as much food as you can eat in about 10 mins,3 times a day. mostly 7 hrs of sleep a night.. exception of a couple busy weeks.


First it not that I question if I could make it or not. Its if I even want to make it.No you try out for it. I asked one of the recruiters. Its just mentally hard and physically hard too.


thanks thats not bad. you get to work out?


Dude if you do get selected to go to BUD/s and graduate it goes to more advanced training.Where one of the many thing you go through will be SERE.

Have fun going through all that shit trying to lift and eat properly. I have talked to SF guys that said they would give a whole month's paycheck for a grasshopper.

The main thing is not getting ahead of yourself. You have to accomplish the task at hand. And you're looking 1000 steps ahead of that task. I do not think BUD/s is right for you try another MOS.


Two books to read. If you're gonna try anyways. The Warrior Elite and Lone Survivor. These two books are what I would call must reads for someone in your position.


haha not with weights. just look up usmc recruit training on youtube.


I do not know were to go. I want to have a better experince but that is not why I am doing it. I want to do it for the education and opportunity but you are right about me going ahead of myself. What would you suggest for someone like me. I do not mind 3 meals a day like one of the guys said, but I want to work out too.


I saw a weight room in one of the articles talking about the marines and their weights that they use in Iraq.


I know they do not train you with weights but are you able to work out with weights. Like in football you train football but still able to work out with weights.


You will get maybe 5 hours of sleep within the first week of Hell Week. You will have no energy to stand up, let alone workout with weights.


Yea, theres gyms in Iraq, but not in recruit training. If you don't go on patrol or off base for that matter, alot of people in Iraq have plenty of time to spend hours in the gym a day and eat 6 meals a day.


Bro first off- are you in any branch already? If no, you want to join the Navy first. That would be an accomplishment no doubt, but nothing near what becoming a SEAL would be...

My friend, eating, traing (as you know it) and sleep will be the least of your worries. What will be is literally survival in traing. Not every one makes it. No, I have never had the privlidge of meeting a SEAL. I was in the USMC and talked to RECON Marines about SEALs and what they have expericed while training with them. Yes, these guys really are bad mother faulkers... I don't care how strong, how in shape you are. Are you fucking crazy, and how much motivation do you have? Thats what will really count.

Second off- if you would ever become a SEAL you really live a pretty hidden life. Any tours are missions you go on, nobody will know. How often do you hear about SEALs doing anything? Besides taking out those pirates who took over that ship? They don't get much publicity.