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Thinking About HSS-100


I have been doing a variation of Madcow's 5x5 for the last couple of months. But now my back is giving me troubles again. After unpacking my Biotest package (the irony!) my lower back has started to feel funny again (some bulging disks I guess). My suspicion is that my deadlift form got out of control again and the stress on my lower back has started to get too high. So I have decided to stop the 5x5 and DLs for a while and try something new.

I am thinking about trying HSS-100 ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/most_powerful_program_ever ). I am also thinking about trying Doggcrapp again which I ditched for the 5x5 because I was told at IM that I am not advanced enough. But I have to say my muscle gains with the 5x5 were at best slightly better than those with DC. Any opinions on HSS-100 vs DC as hypertrophy programs for an intermediate 35 year old lifter? Or suggestions for hypertrophy programs that would be more suitable?


HSS-100 would be fine for you. It's a well thought out template and allows you to progress and adapt things long term.

Simply make the appropriate exercise choices for your particular weaknesses and work on progression.


Hi Scott,
thank you for the reply. So then, I think it will be HSS-100. I am actually quite excited because it will be my first body part split routine. I have a big pile of Biotest supps to put to use and I am hoping for some big gains in the next few months.


Don't think that the supplements are going to do it. Food will the the main thing for big gains.

I liked hss-100. Did a modified version of it for a while.


Yes, of course food and training are the main thing. But I still hope for some boost from the supps (Alphamale, REZ-V, Leucine, Receptormax, BCAA, Surge).


Holy shit! HS-100 should have a warning label:

"Possible side effects: Crippling DOMS"

I did hams on thursday and DOMS is so bad that sitting is uncomfortable and I am walking with a limp. Despite PWO Surge and 20g of BCAA peri workout.


That sounds about right, I do did a modified version of it, but really was only sore after the first go through of it.


Out of interest, I'm thinking of trying a HSS-100 related split, can I ask what each of your body part workouts looks like?

for example, im looking at a shoulder routine like so:

H - Military Press (8, 8, 8, 8)
S - DB seated press / Lat raises (8/12, 8/12, 8/12, 8/12)
S -
100 - Front raises??


Shoulders are not one of my weak points so I don't do a full HSS-100 cycle for them on chest/shoulder day. I only perform 3 supersets of DB lateral raises and Smith machine OH press after my heavy chest exercise. CT mentions the option of not performing both chest and shoulders full HSS-100 in the article discussion.

For sample shoulder only days you can have a look at CT's HSS-100 shoulder specialization article (There are others for back and chest):

I can write down my whole exercise selections, if you like. But I do not know whether it will help you because which of the exercises I have chosen depends on many factors (gym equipment, injuries, no spotter,...).


would be really interested if you could mate!


Sure, mine is as follows, and also follows the HSS-100 protocol.

Monday - Chest/Bi
Tuesday - Quads
Wednesday - Back/triceps
Thursday - Off
Friday - Hamstrings
Saturday - Shoulders/abs
Sunday - Off

My shoulder workout looks like this

Seated Shoulder Press - 5x5
BB Military Press supersetted with DB Lateral Raises 3x8-10
3 point arnold press - 3x8-10
R-Band Lateral Raises - 100

Love this split and love how HSS is set up.


I see, so you dedicate separate days to quads and hammies. I was thinking of just one leg day, and including deadlifts as part of my back day, probably as the H lift.

How long would an average workout take you then?


Not more then an hour. I separate the legs because I do want to focus on them a bit more, before this split I did legs on one day, that looked like this