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Thinking About Going to a Laker Game

I'm thinking about going to the Lakers game tomorrow but with the cheapest seats available. I've never gone to an NBA game so I don't know if its worth it or not. Has anyone ever sat on these seat? can you actually see the game??? lol


I've only been to the Staples center twice and the seats were the first row behind the press table. I would say you are going to be paying way too much because it's a playoff game.


Yeah, those tickets are going to be mad expensive.

Do you like basketball, or the Lakers?


about 75 bucks. I don't mind if I can actually see the game.


Go get drunk and throw yourself off the balcony... The last thing this site needs is someone with a name like nomorewar. I make it so you can say that. Ive been to Iraq twice and I'm going to Afghanistan soon.
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Oh yeah the seats are great


Basketball. I just want to see a good game and kobe.


What do you want me to change it to?


If it's at Staples, I HIGHLY and I mean H-I-G-H-L-Y suggest you get off the 110 freeway as soon as you can, and take some side streets like Hill or Figueroa. You can get your ass handed to you in traffic, I am a seasoned vet when it comes to that area.


I saw a game at the Great Western Forum once.


I went through LA traffic before, and it SUCKS...

$75 playoff tickets sounds like nose bleeds. Whenever I go see the warriors, I always pay $200-300/ticket to be on court side, its the only way to see an NBA game, or on a 60" HDTV.


Man, fuck the Lakers. Oh yeah, I just opened that can of corn.


nmw - NBA playoff games are super fun imo. I would recommend going as long as the ticket isn't too expensive.

Mtnboy78 - Go away. Seriously.


Brother got a floor seatttttttttt



Dude, go for it!!! $75 is pretty reasonable, even if they are nosebleed. I've never been to the Staples Center, but I've seen plenty of NBA games in person at plenty of different arenas sitting in nosebleed seats, and it's not that bad. You'll be able to see the action and make out who the players are. You may not hear the squeaky shoes or the players yelling to each other, but it makes for a good time regardless.

You may not have another chance to go to another playoff game, so go for it.

If you go, make sure to give us a report of your experience.


No corn. Just seriously, fuck the Lakers.


The 300 level at the Staples Center is up there, but the building design is great and you will have a very good view of the court. I have sat up there and you won't be ripped off if you pay $75.


PLEASE tell me you went to the game. If you did, you saw a great game and def got your $75 worth.


What did you think of the Carmelo/Kobe battle? I haven't seen the refs let a game get that physical in a long time. There was a point NeNe had Gasul in a borderline bear hug and no call was made. Kobe and Melo must have thrown about 50 elbows at each other without a call. Sure says alot about their desire to compete, because overall they didn't even bitch about the fouling.


I thought the battle was great! Yeah there were a lot of elbows thrown and pushing and shoving going on, and I'm glad the refs let it play on, because the game would have taken a lot longer if every foul was called. Kobe with 40, including 18 in the fourth quarter was mega.

I agree, can't argue with the will to win. Two guys, each one wants it more than the other. This is going to be a great series.