Thinking about First Cycle

First i would like to say thank you for the wealth of information you have provided in those first few paragraphs. I’m 33 5’8 173lbs and have never used gear. I have been training off and on for eight years now.i’ve stayed pretty consistent between 155 to 160 until recently. I MADE IT UP TO 180. but i did not like the results. The gain was not good alot of fat. I’ve become accustomed to the cut look and am now slimming down once again. The picture you see of me is myself at 160lbs. What i want to do is recut naturally down to 160 and if i do feel as if gear is the right choice for me. Begin to bulk up to hopefully 190 or more throuh use of a cycle. You see i need size because im small. But i want to gain muscle so i can remain cut like i already am now. what would you suggest for me. once again thank you for taking the time to help a brother out.

I would suggest gaining a little knowledge on your own. A lot of us spent a ton of time researching (I spent 20-30 hours a week the first 3-4 weeks I started considering it, and still read some every day) and that is important, because in the end you need to understand what you are doing, not just do what you are told.

Start with the beginner sticky by furious george, read all the other stickies as well. The beginner one by furious george, best of the steroids forum, and the SERM/AI sticky are my favorites and will give you a decent start. Search everything else. Then come here with a WELL THOUGHT OUT and WELL RESEARCHED proposition and you will likely get much more help.