Thinking About Competing in a Year

I’m 18 years old and I’m thinking about competing next year. I would appreciate it if Someone could rate my physique and tell me what I need to work on. I don’t have many pictures of my legs, but I already know that I need to work on them.

rear lat spread


front double bi

Decent build for your age. What about the legs?

Use this time in your life to pack on more mass while age is on your side.

side chest

you “dont have many pics of legs”… means u do have pics of ur legs, post them.


abs and thigh

Wow you posted all the necessary pictures! Let’s make today a holiday!

lol in all seriousness… You look pretty good for your age, and as someone said before me, you should be using this time to put on as much mass as you can, because youth is as fleeting as time itself.

Stats are needed:


Bench Press
Over head press

years training?

that covers about the basics yeah. Good work thus far

well im 18, im 6’2" tall and I weigh 195 lbs. I’ve never really max deadlifted but I can go 315 x 10. I squat 405, bench 315, and I dumbell shoulder presses with 85 lbs in each hand for 6 reps.

those are some pretty solid numbers.

what does your diet look like?

I use dietary supplements like a multi-vitamin, fish oil, protein, and creatine. I am trying to put on weight so I just try and take in a lot of quality calories, and I try to time my consumption of certain proteins. For instance, I eat eggs in the morning and drink milk right before bed. My metabolism is high so I can stand to eat great amounts of food with out gaining fat.

I actually never do abs. They get worked from doing power-lifting, but when they start to fade away I incorporate abs 3 times a week into my routine. I try and take in around 3000-4000 calories a day. As far as carbs go I consume a mix of simple carbs and complex carbs in the morning,simple carbs(in the form of fructose, aka fruit sugar) right after a workout, and later on in the evening I stick with the complex carbs.

My reccomendation for what should be your priorities. (Although at 18 it would probably serve you best to just worry about gaining a lot more muscle mass than to focus on lagging parts)

Quads (cant see hams but probably those too)

Those two/three parts are much further behind than the following

Back thickness

I’m not sure how to factor in the age but I’d assume you’d be doing a teen show. Even if that is the case you’d have to weigh over 200 pounds in contest shape at your height to avoid embarassment.

Don’t take that as discouragement because you have quite a good base to work with.

If you want to start gaining weight you can’t have a 1000 calorie range in your diet. You need to be in a constant surplus. There is no way someone your size/age can even maintain weight at 3000 calories per day. If you are serious about competing you need to get a handle on your diet and make sure you are adding a significant amount of weight each month. (3-4 quality pounds per month for a while for someone your height would probably be a conservative goal)

Good build !

From what I can see :

Shoulders/traps need the most work
Than quads

And altough not seeing them, I’m pretty sure hams and calves need a lot of work

You have a good frame. Very tiny waist and wide shoulders, add more mass all around and you will be good to go. I’m 6’2 also and man does it take a lot to look filled out.

what are the measurements of your waist it looks tiny as fuck in the rear lat spread pic.

[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
You have a good frame. Very tiny waist and wide shoulders, add more mass all around and you will be good to go. I’m 6’2 also and man does it take a lot to look filled out.[/quote]

You’re only 6ft2 and like. 275 lbs? Holy sh*t.

OK. I’ll stop the hijack.

my waist is a size 30

You’re definitely looking solid, dude… And better than most people that step on a stage (ESPECIALLY AT YOUR AGE.)

Buuuuuut - like someone else said, Don’t worry about competing yet! Keep on trucking away at the mass-gaining. Eat a little bit more. It looks like your diet is solid now, but remember, it’s going to steadily take more and more calories as you gain LBM to support your systems. You don’t look very soft, but have a decent frame, so I’m guessing you don’t put on fat easily?

If not - don’t be afraid of calories. Seems like you could have kick-ass genetics for BB’ing… especially with your waist. Take a look at Waylander’s profile pic just a few posts up for reference.

Keep gaining mass… compete when you’re like 23. You will be a hoss, and would have a great shot at making some serious noise competing.

I’m far from an expert, so listen to the guys above me first…

But I think if you can bring up the lagging body parts mentioned, you might be able to place in the teen division. Check out some of these cats: