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Thinking About Competing Again


I will turn 40 in April and there is a show in May where I could compete in the over 40 pro-qualifying division. I am going to give it through the end of the year to see if I can get where I need to be to hit it hard for 18 weeks next spring. I am 3 days into the diet and workouts start tomorrow.


Good Luck!


You gonna use this thread as an update/log type deal?

I would be interested in reading along


Looking forward to seeing your progress, JB.


Okay...started things yesterday with lifting in the morning followed by some cardio this morning...diet is still moving along fine...staying low on carbs with no worries on the fat side and getting as much protein as i can...not actually 'in training' at this point, just trying to see what i have to work with and if mentally i am ready to try this again...


What's your starting condition look like? How far off are you now from your typical offseason state from when you used to compete?



So is your profile pic your current state? Despite it being blurry I think you can do it. You look pretty good in your comp pics. When was the last time you competed?


It has been a few years since i did any bodybuilding. I got hurt a few years back doing strongman. I am trying to figure out the best way to set things up so people can follow along with my journey.


Would like to follow your progress, namesake.