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Thinking About Alpha Male...

im 20 and i take protein and creatine, but was wondering if it would be all right to take Alpha Male? i was reading the discussion thread on it and was getting mix views on the subject. some say no because it will have serious negative effects on me and others say to go for it but w/moderate dosage.

1.is there anything else besides Alpha Male i should take, or would it be the most ideal for me?
2. are supplements like Alpha Male the same as steroids, or completely different?

thanks guys

Since you are 20, it would have little effect.

And it is completely different from steroids.

[quote]Joris wrote:
Since you are 20, it would have little effect.[/quote]

That’s a myth.

There’s no reason that a 20-year old wouldn’t benefit from an increase in Testosterone as a result of using Alpha Male.

In fact, I remember that there was a research study done by Joey Antonio (I think) on college males using TRIBEX that showed a positive effect from what I recall.

I’m no longer in my 20’s, but I started using TRIBEX when I was in my early 20’s and I liked the effect in the gym.