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Thinking About a First Cycle


Ok, so I'm thinkin about starting my first cycle. I'm not looking for anything crazy just a few lbs of solid mass.

I was thinking about a 8 week cycle of testosterone propionate at 100mg 3 times a week. My doctor said that I could just reduce my dose the last 2 weeks and I shouldn't need a PCT since I'm not taking a stack or anythign crazy, that true?

Then taking a month or 2 off and for the start of the new year hitting HGH at 4IU/day and win-v at 50mg/day for 4-5 weeks.

either the HGH and win-v or maybe equipoise at 100mg 3 times a week for 6-8 weeks and around week 4 throwin in the win-v and clen for a month. I'm trying to stay somewhat lean, i'm not sure how much fat and bloat equipoise will put on.


8 weeks of test prop will require PCT, even if you are only shooting 300mg/week. I would bump that 300 up a little but thats just me.

Your second idea of 4-5 weeks of HGH and winstrol is not a good one. Too short of duration for HGH and using winstrol as a standalone is not optimal. After that I loose your chain of thought.

Bottom line, you need to do some more research before you start anything.


I like the prop idea though. And i wish i had your doctor.


The prop would be good, but I’d go eod. That way you are averaging 350/wk. You could even do more.

Try a test only, then see if you wanna keep cycling.

OH, you definitely need to look into some PCT protocols, so you can recover better and not lose the mass you gain.


If you ever decide to use EQ, it needs to be run longer than 8 weeks for optimal effects. Also it is impossible for an anabolic steroid to put on fat, that’s based completely on your diet.


Very nice point bone


personally, for your fiest cycle i would say any type of test at 300-500 mgs a week and u should see significant gains w/ almost no sides. Good luck


I agree with joeblow, for the first cycle it is a great idea to use a moderately low dose Test… you will gain GREAT from that, and not fuck yourself up at all.