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Thinking About a Deca Cycle

23 years old
6 foot

been working out since I was a teen and been eating right consistenly all year. Was up to over 200 lbs but cut to get more definition. I really want to try the juice but am very scared of the sides.

Personally, I already have a little gyno from my teen years (i was fat then lost weight). And my hair has started to thin a little and my hairline has moved up some on the sides.

So, with me being predisposed I am scared of risking these things getting worse. the little gyno i already have really bothers me!!

So anyway I was thinking about doing a deca only cycle with 400-600 mg a week for about 12 weeks.

Im not really too worried about “deca dick” as I am not getting any pussy right now. Also a lot of the websites that sell it also offer boner pills so I could get some of those.

Also I have had molluscum contagiosum on my cock in the past and now have in on my tongue (from some crazy bitch), so I’m not trying to transmit the shit anyway. Plus I have read that deca helps boost your immune system so it could help me get rid of that shit faster!!!

Please let me know if this is a bad idea, I have been doing my research for a couple of weeks now and am in the process of saving up some money to buy my first cycle off the net

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!

Viagra/cialis wont do shit to help with the kind of impotence caused by AAS to which you refer.

You would be better off getting some proviron to run alongside the Deca, it isnt JUST a matter of libido/erections… it is vitality, zest, get up and go-ness that stops when the deca really kicks in (well, when the HPTA really shuts down actually).
You wont lose much hair from 50mg proviron a day for 8 weeks (wks 4-12) over one cycle.

Deca only cycles are good - but you do need to replace the androgenic component somewhat - so if you dont want testosterone for whatever reason, then dianabol is known to work… but Proviron is a good non-anabolic, androgenic steroid that is cheap and gives all the positive androgenic sides with relatively mild negative androgenic sides (in my personal experience at least ie. hair, spots, oily skin, aggression all not bad on proviron, whilst confidence, libido and mojo are all raised)…

600mg of deca a week is a little too much for a first cycle, and for deca in general IMO. Depending on the brand of product and thus the quality, 2-400mg is good, with 300mg being a good general starting point for most beginners.
I found that the 2mg/lb bodyweight protocol to be effective in dosing this drug.

Hope this helps…

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Thanks for the post Brook!!! I am definitely thinking that this cycle (Deca with Proviron) would be best for me, since Im very scared of the sides of test!
Plus it would be relatively cheap and easy!
So what I’m looking at is about 300mg of deca once a week for 12 weeks, + 50mg proviron daily from week 4 to 12.
Does this seem right for an easy cycle with low risks???

Would you recommend nolvadex or something else for PCT?
I’m kinduv confused cause Proviron can be used for PCT. Either way cant hurt to have the nolvadex…

pct… now thats where just using deca comes a problem of sorts…

deca will shut you down - which you are not too bothered about during the cycle, fair enough but you DO want to recover.
It depends on the individual as to how hard and long it will shut you down, and in most cases a guy will recover fairly easily from one deca cycle… this becomes exponentially more difficult with each deca cycle IME however.

Nolvadex 40/40/20/20 is one of the most basic forms of PCT available (bar none at all) and it has worked for me with deca in the past - although i would never recommend using JUST that for anyone else.

I have also run 6 week deca cycles with good results… so 12 is not particularly necessary for great results. i would suggest 10, and that way you will be able to recover easier too hopefully.

PCT (w/ cycle finishing at week 10):

Wk1-16 Cabergoline 0.25mg 2x/wk Before bed
Wk4-wk10 150iu HCG EOD
Wk10-Wk12 Proviron 50mg ED (to be used only if libido is necessary)
Wk12-14 40mg Nolvadex ED
Wk15 30mg Nolvadex ED
Wk16 20mg Nolvadex ED
Wk16 20mg Nolvadex ED

So… here you have the HCG which is used to keep the testes working throughout the cycle, this will not only support your gains and libido, but help a lot when it comes to recovery.
You have the caber, this will reduce all the prolactin induced sides to low/nil amounts, and will massively help with recovery. massively.
From what i read it is a very very important drug in relation to sexual disfunction and recovery and 19-nor drugs.
(Estrogen increases prolactin too… so i suspect that caber will help woth test induced impotence too…)
Then you have an extended taper with the nolvadex.

Ideally it would be good to use a little test throughout… say just 250mg/wk then you could do a stasis with that and taper with that… however, if you are adverse to using it it isnt a possibility now is it?

If you want a cycle that is big on gains and low on sides AND low on cost of ancillaries… well you aint gonna get it! maybe primobolan at 600-1000mg a week… which will cost you an arm and a leg.

hope this helps?


Now I’m thinking a deca cycle of 300-400 once weekly. I guess I should include some test, probly around 200-250 per week (2 shots).
Is there chance of seeing the sides at that small of a dose???

Recommend test C or E?
Should I still include proviron or armidex?
And what about PCT?
I was thinking nolvadex or HCG any recommendations?

Also have been looking into deca/winstrol, seems like a good low risk cycle as well

Also what about EQ? Should I use that instead of DECA, does it have the same suppressive effects on natural TEST? and does it also give u a limp dick?

i’m out.

make a choice, research your shit… come back when you have a clue.

i am on norateen heavywaight 2, deca at 2ml/week for first 6 weeks then primobolan at 1-2ml twice a week for next 6 weeks then finishing with clomid tabz at 300/100/50, any comments on nthis please would help as i am new to steds n have dun a sus deca cycle b4 this,

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