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Thinking About a Cycle

As you can see, I am a newbie to this website. I have been reading and thumbing through the website for a few weeks now, and I have become familiar with the site. I am 27. I have been lifting(training) off and on since I was 19.

Recently, in the past 2 years, I have been training consistently and seeing great results without any supplements. I have used supplements in the past when I was younger. This includes HMB, creatine, etc. For my size I am not very strong. Will not get into the specifics, but I know I could become much stronger.

I would like to increase strength(main goal), gain “LEAN” mass, and decrease body fat.

I have hit the ceiling. I am unable to increase strength, and I am not gaining lean mass. Not to mention it takes an act of god to loose any body fat. My workouts have become a little more stressful with age, meaning I don’t have the energy like I once did.

MY THOUGHTS:(like it matters)
I am thinking of taking the plunge for the first time. I’ve done lots of research(I Know I am a newbie), and I have many, many friends who have been using for years. But that’s all they know. They are not familiar with other methods. I get some advice from them, but mostly the suggest using. And believe me, after seeing the results they obtain, it is very, very hard not to use. I tried to stay away, but I think I will finally jump to the other side. Supplements are great, but for the money and results it almost not worth the trouble.

The reason for all the background and goals is so someone could give me a little more accurate advice. Can anyone give me information on any excellent supplements that I may not have seen, or suggestions on what may be the best route for me? Also, if using is the way to go, what should a beginner try first?

PS. I know I am a newbie, so give me a break if some of this bores you or pisses you off.

500mg’s of Test Enanthate or Cypionate a week is the classic starter cycle around these parts. Its tried and true. However, a substantial decrease in fat mass is not very likely. 400mg’s of Equipose a week will provide you will leaner overall gains.

Tren has a good reputation for both lean gains as well as fat reduction. 50-100mg’s a day is recommended here, probably 50 for a first cycle [though Bill Roberts has a interesting different idea]

Thanks sapasion. One of the options I am thinking about is Tren acatate. I have heard some really goog things about it. But, also a few bad things. What about starting with Tren, and stacking with winn at end of cycle?

I’ve only run Tren Ace once myself and in hindsight I probably didn’t do it right [or at least optimally]. I ran 75mg’s eod. Every thing I’ve learned since then convinces me that ED is better. Most like to start in the 50-75mg ED arena but Bill Roberts [who knows more about gear than most of us combined] has some new interesting thoughts on running shorter cycles of tren on higher dosages like 150mg’s ED. Cycling tren certainly could magnify whatever you’re using it alongside. With Test the potential for strength gains is immense. But even with Winny or perhaps EQ leaning out could be enhanced as well.

For most 75-100 mg/day (and not every other day) is fine as you say. There are a few who do better on 150 mg/day but that’s not the usual needed dose. It is true that the 75-100 mg/day level (and it shouldn’t be assumed that 75 being the lower number is going to be wimpy) combined with a synergistic stack of orals is very, very effective and can allow remarkable progress in short time.

Thanks for the info fellas. I am going to do a little more research and digest what You have provided. I am leaning towards the tren. Once again, thanks for the info.

Re-reading your goals from the OP I’d definitely say Tren Ace is going to be your best option. Equipose probably a distant second. Orals like var and/or winny supplementary considerations.

Equipoise and Winstrol is a good cycle for lean gains. An excellent summer cycle with minimal side effects.

Frontload the EQ @ 600-800 mg 1st 2 weeks, then 300-400 for the remainder. 25 mg + of Winny daily. No more than 8 weeks of Winny, then you need to give your liver a break for a few weeks. EQ is safe for a longer duration @ 12 weeks. A little Nolvadex 2 weeks after your last shot for a month is recommended to get your boys back up to par. 40 mg daily 2 weeks, 20 mg daily 2 weeks.

Oh yeah… EAT CLEAN, don’t drink alcohol, and do your cardio !