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Thinking About a Cycle and Would Like Some Good Advice

So I have been working out for a few years now, and I’m in a good shape. I’m 30 years old and I have my diet control. I have been pushing myself and I have reached a point that I want to try some steroids. I have done some research but with everything I have found, I feel it is necessary to ask for some insight from people that know from their own experiences. Please I only ask for advice, and helpful comments. I want to grow some lean muscle and have a hard look to me. I got my hands on some injectable winny and I know a lot of people don’t like it for many reasons but I would like to use it in my cycles since I already have it in hand. I would like to use Proviron in my cycle as well since it has some good benefits, I was also thinking about adding Cypionate into my cycle. I was thinking about doing

14 Weeks
1-14 Cyp 500mg/wk
1-14 Prov 50mg/Daily
1-14 Winny 50mg/ED

15-18 Clomid & Nolvadex 40/40/20/20

I ask for helpful comments and advice and for everyone to respect that I have decided to do this.

Drop the winny and proviron and you are thinking a little clearer. First cycle is best with test only. Read the stickies on this forum and find out why this is suggested. Find out about AI, PCT and you will be better still. Keep digging man. Don’t start anything till you know what you don’t know right now.

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Alright, I think I’m going to take your advice because I have heard the same thing from two other people. So am going to do a Cypionate Cycle by its self at 500mg/wk. But can I ask you, I have heard about HCG and Armidex, would you know how I can use them properly.

  1. Do you have hormonal problems right now ?
  2. Are you going to become mister olympia and win 500,000$ after your cycle ?
  3. Do you want to have permanent side effect after your cycle and need a TRT like all those guys here ?
  4. If no too all those question, dont use steroid, just be healthy and train for fun ! you dont want those problem trust me !

I’ve personally never used hcg, so I can’t help there. Read up on it. I’ve heard great things at a low dose run for the entire cycle. Adex is used to control estrogen(e2) levels during high test cycles(or cycles that have a lot of test aromitizing to estrogen.) My first cycle, I used like 2 or so mg the entire cycle. I am lucky as I don’t have major issues with e2 except when on dbol. I only took adex .5mg when my nipples got really sensitive. It was about 4 weeks into my 1st test cyp cycle. .5 mg knocked it right out. Others say to take a certain amount E3D from the start of a cycle. I think less drugs is better so I run my adex by how I’m feeling now. Read up on it. It’s Def something you wanna keep on hand at least for the 1st cycle. Hope this helps. And as far as this post above me, that shit is nonsense. If you run a well researched cycle and proper PCT, you will not be stuck in shutdown and on trt your whole life. Dudes got some shit with him but that’s cool. I’m 36, and I am glad I finally ran a couple cycles. Good luck!