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Thinking about a Cutting Cycle


So I have been lifting for a few years now regularly to stay in shape but never hard for bbing. Recently I gained quite a bit of weight and am back in the gym cutting it off. I am starting to try and get stage ready, and have been looking at starting a cycle to cut and add lean mass. My diet is high protein 300 plus low carb 100 or less and med fat 50 to 100. The cycle I am considering is 250 test C EOD, Tren 100 EOD with test, and Winstrol orals 50 mg ED. Thoughts on this???


How far out are you? Your carbs seem ridiculously low. Your probably doing more harm then good. If your just getting back into the gym cuz you stopped goin and got fat then now is not the time to start a cycle


Umm. Your other thread says you’re a beginner starting out in it’s title. Based on that and your pic in that thread, surely you aren’t seriously considering steroids in any way, shape, or form.


lol i just saw his other thread. No way in hell he should go anywhere near gear yet.

OP get some training and proper diet going. Steroids aren’t going to magically make you lose fat. And you’re too fat to run a “cutting” cycle.