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Thinking About a Big Change

Alright heres the deal. I’m 23 I’ve been in retail since I was 16 and have been in the management part of it for about 4 years now. Well I’ts time for a change. I’m actually really starting to put thought into going to college. For what exactly haven’t ironed things out for sure yet. Have some possible leads.

This would be a complete career overhaul. What I am interested in maybe studying is far from retail. So it’s going to be out of my comfort zone. And not to mention the fact that I haven’t been in school for 5 years kinda has me a little uneasy. I mean I know there are lots of single mothers otu there working 2 jobs raising 4 kids that make time to go to school but again its out of my comfort zone. And knowing alot of the people I graduated Highschool with have been out of college for about a year now makes me feel kind of ashamed for not jumping right into it.

So this post was just to see if anyone else has had similiar experiences with this. And how they prepared and coped with it. And where they are now. I know I’ve got to set my mind on it and I am the only one who can make this decision. But it’s always nice to hear from other people and see how they can inspire others with there stories. So any ideas or suggestions are more then welcome here.

I’m 32. I have a useless B.A. in political science. I’m about 4 hours short of my MPA. I did a year and a half of law school. Then I knocked my wife up and quit school to teach for 4 years.

I’ve now gone back to school for nursing. I’ve never taken a science course until last September. You can do it.

The one bit of advice I can give you is make damn sure you know why you are going to school. If you don’t know exactly what job you want after you graduate, stick with your current situation until you do. Once you know for sure what you want, go balls to the wall and get it. Ultimately education has no real world value except making money. Until you are 100% sure you are going to come out of school making money at something you love, I think you are better off staying where you are.