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Thinkin of Nandrolone


ok so this is my first time thinking of cycling nandrolone, i know alot of people say do not use this alone! i wanna hear some feed back from fellow members... ihave cycle assist from competetive edge labs that i will be using for 2 weeks to prep, i was thinking of using 250 - 300 mg a week, the reason for thinking of this product is because of some injuries i have that wont go away and keep me from hitting the gym hard. i was thinking of pct asssist and novedex xt as pct. so my question is do i absolutely have to put some sustanon or other type of test to run nandrolone?


If you want to get a boner, at all, ever, while on then yes.

Run some test with it.

And novedex xt and pct assist for your entire PCT?

Is this a serious post or is the whole thing a joke?

Have you ever cycled anything?

What about your stats?


Actually I take that back. Don't run anything till you read a lot more


2nd that...are you serious?

Has it occurred to you that if you use deca to mask injuries, you could exacerbate those same injuries and spend the rest of your life lifting from a deficit?


no no throw in some tren too...then that thing between your legs can be used as a flap to cover up your crackhole


ya ok, isnt this the reason why people come here is to ask questions? oh wait when you first thought of starting cycling you guys knew everything and experienced the problems that come with using right? you read all you can and come on sites like this to ask people that actually have used these prodcuts for advice and big boys behind a computer try to talk down like if we know the answers, if we knew the answers these sites wouldnt exist. nice pic by the way edk, is that you after using steroids.


yes that is definitely me in my avatar.

Listen man all bullshit aside;
1. your questions have been answered many many times, just look at the stickies at the top of the forum.
2. you really don't sound like you have a slightest idea on AAS use, and I'm not saying that to be a dick.
3. my guess is you're like 16.
4. people even through taking shots at you HAVE INFACT given you advice. YOU ARE NOT READY.
lyou will find yourself hating life and add to the steroid related suicide statistic the media likes to potray.

enough said.


in lall honesty, A LOT of researh is needed, so you dont become that statist , I'm trying to help ypou. Amd after numerous cycles /I still fuck up and t sucks and lasts for days.. Almostr unbearable, read the stickies dont be lazy, then PM me and we'll try to figure out a novice cycle that wont harm you...then we'll run it by the big dogs.


let me put it this way, starting at 19 I spent a few yeRAS deperssed as fuck do to improper use. it can feel you indestructible or the bottom of the barrel deporession. DO IT RIGHT. I will share all the information I have with you, but you gotta take that step