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Thinkiing Test Prop for Second Cycle


Ok stats. 20 years old, 6'3, 215, body fat approx 8%.

So this will be my second cycle. Last summer i ran a 9 week 500 mg test cyp cycle with 75 mg anadrol a day for about the first four weeks. Had a good time with this, no side effects, great gains, pct went smoothly. Anyway, i have some different goals this summer for what i want in a cycle. Im not looking for extreme weight gain prob like 15 pounds max, but generaly just the ability to workout everyday this summer while working long hours, playing sports, all that good stuff. So im just going to ask some questions here and hopefully once i read the response i'll have a better idea of what to look into. Its easy to get flamed here, so before i start ill say im in the planning stages of this, go light on me.

Im thinking of a test prop cycle. Mainly because i want to shut down my testicles for the least amount of time. why do in 8 weeks what i can do in 5 right. So am i thinking along the right lines? A 4-5 week cycle? Is the dosage per week of prop equal to other esters? if so i think i would like to go about 7 hundred mg a week(ive read somewhere you dose lower but im still asking, and yes im aware ed injections)

Could someone please post a link or simply explain what differences i could expect if i ran a mast prop cycle vs a straight prop cycle. (i guess hardening and all but im really looking for someone to explain it in their own words.) Also,,, would i be better off test tren mix instead then?? I guess to answer this you need to know what im looking for in my training. So, ill be doing a lot of heavy lifts, but also training for speed to a lot of plyo's and stuff. Generally just looking to become more powerful withouth loosing speed/athletism.

With a shorter cycle like this, how is my pct going to look. Im assuming it wont follow a 40/40/20/20 nolva pct, but somethings short. btw,,, arimdex durying the cycle for estrogen control so dont flame me on that.

Anyway, i can feel the flames coming. I realize this post is all over the place, but im looking for someone to maybe lay the foundation of what they thinking im looking for and ill take the rest of the pre cycle research from there. ill follow this up in a week or so i guess with a detailed cycle, proper dosages and everything, like i said this was just a couple things i wanted to through out. Thanks a lot of taking the time to sort out this mess, i appreciate anything constructive people want to suggest.


Im not going to tell you what to do but I will give you some info to help you decide whats best for you.

I wont flame you bad cause you approached the question in a decent reasonable manner.

Firstly you are very young for aas and I wouldnt at your age but you already have…

@ 97kg 6"3 8%, its not too bad a place to start from apart from your age.

Short cycles are less productive overall, I think you will struggle to get those gains after you drop the water post cycle/pct and keep them on a 4-5 weeker @ your stats @ 700mg test only/week…and the test is where youll get your mass from mostly not mast or tren.

You likely wont see really good gains till at least week 3…anadrol really blows you up fast, you wont get this from prop.

If you are concerned with shutdown and recovery (as mentioned) why not maybe research and try a 2 on 2 off cycle approach?

If you use nolva between on periods I believe also as bill has said there is probably little to no shutdown at all compared to a 5 weeker and more gains over time. At your age, id be worried about these sort of things.

You could think about something like:

3-off nolv
4-off nolv
7-off nolv
8-off nolv
11-off nolv pct
12-0ff nolv pct

Total 6 weeks on over 10 weeks.

10 weeks of mucle building instead of 4-5. I believe doing it this way you will probably achieve your goal…and more if all vairables are in line and you get adequate rest…

However…all this without rest/sleep I dont know how useful it will be for you.

Your thinking about it all wrong…AAS to grow and give you energy cause you dont have enough rest time…???

Mate this is NOT how it works.


[quote]smith machine wrote:

However…all this without rest/sleep I dont know how useful it will be for you.

Your thinking about it all wrong…AAS to grow and give you energy cause you dont have enough rest time…???

Mate this is NOT how it works.[/quote]

Yes, I think crystal meth is the name of what he is looking for.


Thanks a lot for your advice S.M. Im going to look into the 2-2 system, and it will most likely be the way i go. Ill post detailed plans shortly and id appreciate it if you would critique my plans then. btw, nice smart ass comment Karl. The fact that i have to work a lot is really not something i can do a lot about. What i ment was im not looking to put on 30 pounds in about 2-3 weeks like anadrol would accomplish. Instead, i just want a typical test only cycle. I realize as a body builder you may look at this the wrong way, but as an athlete it is exactly what im looking for. Sleep and nutrition will not be an issue, but quicker recovery time is very much desirable for me. My training is spot on, this is simply the iceing on the cake if you will.