1993, mogadishu, somalia. You’ve probably seen the movie, and know how horrible that day was for any of our special operations forces involved.

  If you think you've ever had a bad day, read this:

   Calvert receive a phone call from him August 24. "I knew he was leaving for somewhere, but I didn't know where and he wouldn't tell. The only clue I got 

was when he said, ‘Watch CNN very close.’"

Calvert continued to receive letters from him every day.

August 20:

“I kept waking up all night long. I sleep in the corner of our tent. I must have rolled over and stared at the stars for hours. There are a few times in a person’s life that really makes them think. One of those being when you think it may be your time to go.”

The on September 26, seven days before he would be killed, he wrote:

“Yesterday was probably the coldest, darkest, saddest day of my life. I stood at attention, rendering a salute as three American soldiers were rolled by in humvees, in caskets draped with American flags. These three men being the ones killed in action on Friday night. I stood by and watched as tears began to form in my eyes and the eyes of my fellow Rangers. We all felt a warm spot in our hearts for those brave men who gave their lives for God, country and his fellow American brothers and sisters, believing what they were doing was right. Not only does my heart go to these men, who made the greatest sacrifice of all, but their wives, children and loved ones. I
feel for them the most. War is very sad and kills everyone in some way. I can’t help to think if it had been me in one of these caskets.”

In his last letter to Calvert, he perhaps sensed the final outcome. On the morning of October 3, he wrote:

“Somalia has forced me to wake up and take a hard look at my life. It has made me change a lot of my views. Most of all I’ve learned that there is no better time to say what you are thinking than right now. Because you may never get a chance to say it.”
Calvert said she is not sure if she will see the movie because she said Kowalewski’s death was horrible.

According to the Bowden book, Kowalewski was driving a Humvee when he was
shot in the shoulder. He absorbed the blow and kept on steering.

“Alphabet, want me to drive?” asked Pfc. Clay Othic, who was seated in the
front seat.

“No, I’m OK.”

Bowden writes, “Othic was struggling in the confined space to apply pressure
dressing to Alphabet’s bleeding shoulder when a grenade launcher rocketed in
from the left. It severed Alphabet’s left arm and ripped into his torso. It didn’t explode. Instead, the two-foot-long missile was embedded in Alphabet’s chest, the fins protruding from his left side under his missing arm, the point sticking out the right side. He was killed instantly.”

 Cheers to a TRUE hero. that's the soldier's picture above. he served in operation gothic serpent after 300,000 somalis had died at the hands of war lords and Clinton decided to intervene. They were supposed to have gone fully loaded with the best artllery and tanks - instead Clinton wanted them to be low profile, and as such they had to content themselves with humvees, and no apache helicpoters. Guess that wasnt low profile enough was it.

No crap. I have a friend that was a Ranger there and the movie was very close to the real story. I guess my day was O.K.


A business associate was talking with a friend of his in California a while back, praising the movie Blackhawk Down.

“You gota see it man.”

“I can’t.”

“What do you mean, you can’t.”

“My wife won’t let me.”

“Excuse me!?!?! You’re WIFE!?!?”

“Right. My wife. You see, I was there, and I was one of the few that made it out.”

Dead air…

Monical Lewinski was bad, but WHY was THIS not a good enough reason to impeach Clinton?

  ANYONE who served in this mission has my ultimate and highest respect.

  THESE were true heros - they didnt back down and say: this is too hard for us, let's go home.

  THEY  are the guys that serve as role models for us, and kids like to pretend to be... not the actors who portray them, make 5 million dollars, and then spend their time protesting these very same wars, while enjoying a bear at the private beach they bought in hawaii.

  The guy in the picture, was only 20. He joined when he was only 18. How many would have the balls to put their lives in the risk army rangers put themselves in at the moment they sign that piece of paper by the x the recruiter made?

  What saddens me is the fact that this guy would still be alive today, probably decorated - at the very least he wouldnt have died such a horrible death. Remember, he was just another guy like you and me. The letters you see in the post, were sent to his girlfriend.

  A good leader doesnt send his soldiers to certain death (remember, over 60% of the 120 soldiers were killed or injured - many of them badly). But that is the legacy Clinton left.

  Whot he fuck goes in a hot zone dominated by war lords and hundreds of his subordinates who are armed with rocket-powered grenades in a fucking humvee????

  Why did they not send in apache helicopters? These would have easily taken care of business, much more so than a black hawk. Why did they only send in armored tanks after the whole mission had gone ary?

  Even when they did sent the armored tanks and apache helicopters to fry those motherfuckers, they had a hard time doing so - because by then all the troops were very scattered - some were moving to protect black hawk 1 after it crashed; some to protect black hawk 2 after it crashed; some were forgotten behind in the midst of the confusion; others were elsewhere.

  I dont care how much the economy grew in clintons years - a blunder like this has no excuse. This is a guy who died needlessly, and a painful death, because of a nonsense decision. 

  And this, my friends, is why I will never vote for someone who hasnt served in our military - and i dont mean the coast guard, or the air force. If the guy hasnt been on the field, m-16 in his hand, wondering  if hell make it home, then he should have no authority making decisions on our troops fate.