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Think You're Eating Enough? You Aren't


Great video I just stumbled over. I used to hate Cena but the more I find out about him the more I like the guy.

I need to EAT NOW, look at all that meat!!!


EDIT: Whoops. Well, I've give Dane some lovin, he's one of the guys we train with. Here's the Cena link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQQtSktoXLU&feature=related



That youbube link is Dane Kelly Event Work for April 2009. Inspirational no doubt but not quite what you were wanting I think. :slightly_smiling:


Daymn that is a lot of food. I eagerly await being able to afford that much food.


haha yeah shit that is a lot of food.
I don't really eat any ground beef, but I do eat exactly 28 chicken breasts a week
4 chicken breasts a day..pasta, rice or potatoes.
6 eggs a day..so that's 42 eggs a week I go through.
A carton cottage cheese a day
If I don't eat a chicken breast I subsitute with salmon or steak.
Then again he probably weighs 240 in that vid or so..I'm at 208


damn now thats eating!
i use to dislike cena ive grown to like him now.


How the fuck do most of the guys on this forum afford all of that food?


Cena was a competitive BB'er...?

I mean, he definately has an enviable physique but I never knew he actually went as far as to compete


When you are dedicated money is simply a resource to accomplishing your bodybuilding or strength training goals.


I remember watching that when it was on discovery channel. I remembered the name cause just watching him I knew he'd end up being something huge. Big smile crept over my face when I realized he did make it years after watching that special... pretty cool :slight_smile:


eggs and bags of protein are cheap. and not everyone eats that much in a week, i know i dont.


I felt this same way about watching Kevin Nee on MTV true life back when he was 19. I remember then like the next year I saw him on a qualifier for WSM, and it just like oh shit, that guy!


I don't spend my money on shit i don't need.


Why do you care so much about a fake wrestler?


I don't keep up with wrestling much, but you can't deny that a lot of the guys on there are exceptional athletes. Cena has been featured several times in magazines like Muscle & Fitness and Flex because he is very dedicated to the iron, and really strong to boot. He also seems to be trying to make himself a career as an actor.


Workout video of John, his total is pretty crazy too, something around 1500, which is unreal for a wrestler.


Because not only is he very large and athletic (try jumping around being that big...seriously) but he's strong and seems like a pretty cool guy.

Minus the douchebag wrestler persona.


anyone ever feel like the wrestlers used to look a lot bigger when we were younger?

i remember thinking all those guys were HUGE back when i was like 14. now not to take anything away from them but when u see pics of pro BBers, WSM, PLers etc basically 300+ pound guys i guess it takes the 'shock' value away?

but yeah props to Cena just for doing legit workouts.


For some reason i always picture holymac as john cena...lol