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Think My Son Has a Secret GF


I am a strict Christian man; I try and make my family attend church every Sunday and strive to look after the moral and spiritual well-being of my son. He is 14. Considering the declining moral values of many of the youth of today, coupled with the corruption inherit in our society we made an agreement several years ago that he should not start dating until he was 15.

However, recently, I think that he has broken that very promise. He seems relectunt to go to church, is not as open with me anymore, and does not seem to enjoy participating in family prayer as he once did. To my mind there is a strong possibility that he has broken his promise and is dating some immoral wench who is trying to turn him away from the Lord.

My suspicions were confirmed last week when I found, hidden, in his room a magazine containing images of nude males. I believe that his girlfriend has left this there, and she has possibly used it to arouse herself before they had sex. What should I do? How do I confront him about breaking his promise, his chastity, and his commitment to the Lord all for some immoral woman?







He's a witch!!



Good for him. Religion sucks (except for islam).



This was posted on Yahoo Answers a while back, methinks...


I recommend a sound spanking, followed by a reading of the entire Book of Ruth (English AND Hebrew), and finally make him wash himself clean with borax and SOS pads as you chastise him for being a "filthy, filthy urchin"


x2 monty python FTW

I can't remember the quote about weight compared to a rock...






and you think it's a girlfriend?

I'd say he's batting for the other team!


wow...so people really do still think that way eh...crazy. Don't know what to tell you man, ever look into other philosophies about life? Maybe its not such a bad thing....maybe your just setting rules that don't need to exist...just throwing it out there






Just say the things that you wrote in your post. Talk and voice your concerns. Hopefully your honesty will breed honesty in him. He's not going to tell you whats up unless he knows that you're going to be ok and not flip out.






I think a program of penis massages from his mother will help solve his problem. Oh wait, your son isn't the one with the curved penis. Nevermind.