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Think My Package Got Seized


my stuff was supposed to come today.

so i tracked it online w/ the tracking number

5:35am "Arrival at unit"

9:18am "Delivery Confirmation"

I checked my apartment buildings service desk at 11:00am and they said the USPS truck hadnt even come yet.

5:30pm now and its still not at the service desk.

i contacted the sender but havent got a response yet so im getting a little paranoid.


disclaimer: this thread is hypothetical... lol


If your package got seized then usps would never have said delivery conformation, it would have never made it to usps it would have said something like turned over to customs and you would have been notified by letter that it was seized. A process that takes about 30 to 60 days...This has happened to me though and I went down to the post office and gave them my tracking number and asked where my shit was cause really if they are trying to get you its gonna happen. My thoughts where if my shit was delivered then I want to know where so I can go get it, but it turned out it was a day late...But ive seen alot of people just take a loss and never look into it so really its your choice!


Id give it a day before declaring it missing, the USPS tracking system is not perfect.


i forgot to mention, the sender said it was being sent from within the United States although i had to pay to a location out of country

Edit: checked and it was sent from california


true im just freaking out now lol. im thinking the sender sent it to the wrong address but i checked the address i sent him and it was correct.

its just weird that the only time this has ever happened, i just happened to be ordering something "special"


USPS knew what is was and stole it.

Or it's lost in the their system. So many post offices have horrible track records with getting the packages to the right place


so do you think they sent it and delivered it to the wrong address or will they get it back to me?

not expecting you to KNOW what's gonna happen, just seems like you have more experience with this type of thing


why do you think I said go to the post office and find out where it was. Probably was sitting in someones mail box half the day waiting for you to come find it but instead they came home and checked there mail and ???????......And if it was sent domestically why would you say it got seized? by who? domestic shipping dont get checked for shit, ive had bottles wrapped in bubble wrap in an envelope get here.


oh well i filed a complaint on the phone as soon as i confirmed USPS delivered to my apartment building but didnt bring my stuff

i didnt go to the actual post office bc i wasnt sure it hadnt come until 4:45 and the close at 5.

well idk about the seizing thing. i always thought they checked at random domestically


I doubt the post office will do anything unless you get in someones ear about it. Go talk to somoene in person. Understand that youre dealing with drug trafficking across state lines though. Dont do anything stupid for the sake of a few hundred dollars worth of replaceable shit.


very true. thanks




so?? [/quote]

so i was admitting that i was wrong and it couldnt have been seized because it didnt pass through customs


one more question.

i filed a complaint and aside from calling the post office a couple times have left it alone for the time being. apparently (according to the girl working the desk at my apt building) she spoke with the mail man and is under the impression that it got delivered to a complex with a similar name, so now supposedly it is at the post office and going to be sent back out

^^^they were very unclear explaining where exactly it was and couldnt confirm it 100% though.

im just wondering if, say by chance, some do-gooder opened it, saw what it was and reported it to the authorities what i should do to protect myself... if i can in any way?

edit: yes. i am paranoid. just seems a bit fishy lol


That person would be an idiot because opening someone elses mail is a felony in many places. If the person did report it to the police the post office wouldnt then get it. It would be confiscated as contraband.

I dont think you can protect yourself, youre taking a risk going to a post office to sign for a package containing illegal drugs.

I will say that it is very unlikely that someone noticed your package as having illegal stuff. Most people dont have a clue what steroids look like. Nor do they know the names of steroids even if your shit has labels on it. I wouldnt be worried unless your package has "STEROIDS" written on it in huge letters.


so?? [/quote]

so i was admitting that i was wrong and it couldnt have been seized because it didnt pass through customs[/quote]
well true, your package did not come through customs, but the pack that the sender got may have been caught up in customs and you will have no idea.

just because it came from cali on your end,thats not where it really came from.

there is so many variables and you just need to be patient,you would know if it was caught up on your end without a doubt.


The hell?


ok i guess if if it comes to that i dont think ill be signing for any thing then. tahnks again


Honestly bro I dont think you got what it takes to do steroids...you got some serious roid noid bro! Bonez gave you the best common sense approach your gonna get, read it again. Good luck! :slight_smile:


im not sure i follow. i thought i understood bonez post correctly though.

i live in an apartment. i dont have to sign for anything. all mail is sent to the front desk.