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Think My Diet Is Down, Suggestions?


I am new to posting on T-Nation , and think that my diet is pretty down. I am 5'10 , 195lb , around 10 percent body fat , looking to put on some more size while keeping relatively lean. Any suggestions for my post or ideas you have go for it :slight_smile: flame away haha

Meal 1 - Breakfast
1/2 cup Oatmeal
1 bananna
2 scoop whey protein
1 tbsp peanut butter

Meal 2
280 grams chicken breast
1 medium sweet potato
2 cups steamed broccoli

Meal 3
2 scoop of syntha 6

Meal 4
280 grams ground beef
2 cups brocolli
1/2 cup wild rice

Meal 5 - post workout
250ml grape juice
1 Bananna
1 apple sauce baby food
1 tbsp creatine
2 scoop whey

Meal 6

-6 whole eggs
-half a green pepper diced
-small onion diced and thrown in
-small amount of chopped up beef or chicken

Meal 7
-2 scoop casien
- 1 tbsp peanutbutter
- 6 cla tablets , 6 fish oils

I usually have one cheat meal a week , which is usually a whole wheat chicken pizza. I have been following this diet for about 6 months and hardly ever miss one of a meals. Any suggestions would be helpful.

thanks :slight_smile:


The food choices are totally up to you, as long as you're getting at least 1g pro/lb. If you're looking to put on mass, just add between 200-500 cal above maintenance. Try it for a month or so, if you're putting on mainly lean mass with little fat, you're right on target.


Couple things I've noticed:

Your post workout meal, meal 6 has no or a minimal amount of CHO in it. However, you have a substantial amount of CHO in each meal. If it were me, and I'm trying to gain weight as you are, I would move more CHO to per-workout, Before, During and After.

Also, noticed you have 15 g of creatine post workout. why not split it up for before/after? Not sure what syntha 6 is but mix creatine needs to be mixed with CHO that elicit a high insulin response to shuttle it into muscle cells for recovery.

Other than that, I would spread out fish oil after each meal rather than a 6 at the end of meal 7. Better for insulin sensitivity etc.

As long as you are gaining weight on the food you are eating and happy with the results you are doing well if not, add or subtract foods according to how you body changes


Hey Serd and phatkins thanks for your post , both really good ideas. I am going to add a little bit more calories to the mix and spread out my fish oils. Maybe direct more of my carbs more around my workout and see what happens. I also really like the idea of creatine before your workout , thanks again great ideas , really appreciated.

Peter ~


I took syntha 6 for a couple months. It's basically just BSNs protein. 2 scoops = 44g protein am I correct?

Question: What is CHO?


CHO is carbohydrates; basically carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen- the molecular makeup of carbs


Immediately post workout, if you're going to go grape juice + whey (there are certainly better alternatives), just have that. Add the banana and any other solid foods 30mins after.