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Think my Basement has Potential for a Home Gym?

Hello. Here are some pictures of my very messy basement. Assuming I actually clean out the area, I think it has a lot of potential for a home basement gym. Here are some stats:

  1. Full slab concrete floor.
  2. Height of 93" (7.75 feet)
  3. Width of the area in question: 144 inches (12 feet)
  4. Length of the area in question: 180 inches (15 feet), but could go longer if wanted to

What do you think of the potential? I was thinking power rack, bench, bars, plates, dumbbells, dip station (part of rack), deadlift platform. What else do you think can fit? Thanks.


There’s a picture of my small home gym. I think you’re in a great spot for a home gym room wise! If you don’t mind the mounting get as much wall mounted stuff as you can to save room.

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I think would be great, and you can use the money from the garage sale ( from selling all that stuff) to buy your rack! :rofl:

You could get all the things I have and then some


Your setup is is looking good. It’s come along fast. Way to go.

I get your benches are smelly though.

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It looks good, clean and dry and no spider webs.

Maybe some mats for areas beside the platform so you don’t bang any weights.

You could make some cool blocks or boxes to deadlift off of or stand on or maybe step up onto.

Don’t forget the boom box and some bad ass posters.

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Looks way more comfy than a tin shed with plastic for windows😉


Haha I keep everything wiped down pretty good.

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your good…you have more free space than I do.

I would suggest you look into racks that has added optional attachments.


My gym is a mud room 8ftx25ft. No machines or anything but it works for me.


People have got big and strong is worse spaces


Great article!

Only question would be if you are particularly tall with long arms and can’t overhead press in that ceiling. If you can, you should be fine.

The only negative I’ve found having a basement gym (vs. garage) is the ceiling height. I’m short enough that I can press overhead, but barely.

Can you do jumping pistol squats?

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Theoretically, sure…

Haha, nevermind. It was a joke from another thread. I don’t think you had posted anything in it though.


Is your website under construction right now?

(I mean, it says it is, haha, just checking that it’s the right one.)