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Think I Tore My Tricep. Help!

I was doing overhead tricep extensions with a 130 lbs dumbbell and after I think the third rep I heard a loud tearing sound (kind of like cloth being ripped) and my arm gave out completely.

I went to the front desk and asked for some ice and while I was waiting I started to get really pale and sweaty.

Then I started to see white stars and felt like I was going to pass out and throw up.

One of the trainers at the gym is also a fireman, and he checked my pulse and said it was really weak, and that I looked really really pale.

He said I should have went to the hospital, but I dont have the money. I am going to the doctors office tomorrow.

My arm is really swollen and my elbow looks like a fat persons elbow.

Did I tear my tricep?

Why did I get so dizzy and almost throw up?

Yes, you probably tore your tricep at the insertion. The tendon ripped of the bone and can be easily reattached (if that was the case). As for being dizzy and almost throwing up is probably from being in low state of shock. You had this mind set that you tore your tricep and became very worried about it. Everyone has different fight or flight symptoms.

WOW i didn’t even know you could tear a triceps i just thought it was one of those muscle that were hard to put out of position. It sounds bad you should ice it for now and go to the doctors tomorrow but yea it sound like a tricep injurie or elbow.