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Think I May Give In and Do a Split

It’s not that i don’t think I will progress and gain weight if i eat enough and carry on following a more powerlifting style (EC Max Strength, upper/lower split, alternating days working out) route, but in all honesty bodybuilding will probably always be the goal for me and I feel like by going full hog 100% commitment towards getting bigger will see me progress faster then anything else,

it will also allow me to take a serious stab at making real changes to every muscle group, my arms and calfs for example were never going to shoot up as fast on a PL routine.

I also feel like training 6 times a week in the gym and with 2/3 cardio sessions a week, I will feel alot more like I am furfilling the sort of commitment neccasary to make maximum progress, whether or not that is true… you know g-flux principle and all that.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

T: Quads/Hams
W: Chest
TH: Back
F: shoulders/calves
S: Quads/hams

The problem I’ve got now is I feel like im somewhat ‘behind’ in what I should know about ‘bodybuilding routines’, ie. what reps/exercises I should be doing, of course my main goal will be at least one big compound movement each day i can focus on bringing up so I know I’m progressing.

I’m thinking of going for the “upper/lower” variation of the ‘best of chest’ routine for chest day and splitting the calf work using the ‘Diamonds in the rough’ program, to really try and bring them up.

The thing is I really don’t have any idea what a “good arm day” is… would looking through articles for each bodypart be a decent idea to start of and give me ideas of what to do?

6 days in a row might be a lot if you are busting ass every day. For arm exercises just stick with 1 main movement like cbgp or decline cgbp for tris, and barbell, ez bar or dumbell curls for biceps. Then do smaller movements for more reps like pushdowns for tris or reverse curls or hammer curls for biceps. Just stick with the basics for each muscle. Oh press, laterals for delts, incline and decline presses for pecs, rows, chins and deads for back. Etc.

Its not about the amount of exercises you do its about picking ones you feel in the target muscles the most and can make great strength gains over time on. Quality over quanity anyday. Stick to the basics, get strong, and eat a lot and shazaam you will grow with time.