Think I Lowered My E2 Too Much

I get joints pains when i get high E2. I was getting elbow and wrist pains so over the next few days, injection 1 i took 1/2 armidex, 2nd injection nothing, 3rd injection took 1/2 armidex and the next day fuck i felt anxious, emotional, crying for everything. Just not me.

I have two reasons why this might be happening. You guessed it I crashed my e2 and the 2nd ive started tren, only just a week in of adding 100mg tren adding to primo 300 and test 400. I was feeling great before taking armidex but now my emotions are all over the place.

Its been three days since i took my last armidex but also thinking about dropping the tren train. Not sure which is causing it.

Ive ordered some blood works to test E2 but that takes a few days to arrive but its been three days and i still feel like an emotional wreck.

If it is crashed E2 can i increase my test dose for a short period whiles stopping armidex? or is it then tren train? How long can i expect to get back to normal if its either?

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Primo acts like an AI for some guys. Tren fucks up a lot of guys’ moods, plus overuse of AI almost certainly lowered e2. Perfect storm lol.

Of course the answer is blood work, and just be patient until you find the real answer. If it were me and I felt real bad I’d drop everything but test while I waited, just to be safe.

Best of luck

Would you add more test than usual?Increase frequency? How long do you think it will take to return back to me?

Increasing test won’t do anything in the short term because aromatase is mostly blocked until the AI is out of your system.