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Think I Know Where I'm Going Wrong

Hey all

Ive been getting into lifting over the past few months. Got my nutrition down, but now im starting to realise that when im eating what im eating is possibly not working for me. So in a nutshell, here is me currently:

07.45 protein shake made with skim milk (pr34g carb 18g)
10.30 apple 10 almonds
11.15 train
12.45 lunch - wholemeal sandwhich, chicken, salad
15.00 shake (nutrition val as above)
16.00 coffee
16.05 im still dying from lack of carbs
18.30 dinner, chicken n green beans etc
19.40 maybe low fat yoghurt (9gcarbs/9g pro)and some berries, or a shake

So what im thinking, is that I could do with firstly having my morning shake nearer to when I train (although not too near or I will probably be sick training), and afterwards, im eating slow release carbs, and protein in solid form. Im thinking this is not as beneficial is having it in liquid form. I think I should swap round my lunch and shake.

lso, come late afternoon I am dying from lack of carbs, so im thinking i need to get some surge or something for post work out because the carbs from the bread (34g) are not seeing me through the afternoon after a heavy train.

I have been trying to do it the current way because I thought in theory it would be better and more enjoyable for me to actually eat my carbs rather than have them in liquid form, however, im getting to the stage now where im not too bothered, just want to feel balanced thro the day!

If someone could just have a read of this and let me know if im thinking along the right lines that would be really great, any feedback hughely appreciated. Thanks!!

[quote]cazular wrote:
07.45 protein shake made with skim milk (pr34g carb 18g)
10.30 apple 10 almonds
11.15 train
12.45 lunch - wholemeal sandwhich, chicken, salad
15.00 shake (nutrition val as above)
16.00 coffee
16.05 im still dying from lack of carbs
18.30 dinner, chicken n green beans etc
19.40 maybe low fat yoghurt (9gcarbs/9g pro)and some berries, or a shake[/quote]

Eat more. Are you even reaching 2000 calories? There’s nothing wrong with eating carbs, just eat them earlier in the day so that your body can actually use them, rather than just store them while you sleep. Also, there’s nothing wrong with EATING.

You’re only eating two meals a day (shakes don’t count as “meals” in this case, and neither does a single apple and “maybe yogurt”). Eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast, maybe even a bagel, eat your apple+nuts a few hours later. Spread out your food throughout the day. Also, a little bit of fat won’t hurt, just not right before bed.

I’m under the impression that you’re not seeing muscle or strength gains. To get strong, you have to eat strong.

First off what are your goals? And your Stats (height/weight/age/etc.)?

Your diet almost appears like you are trying to lose weight. So if that isn’t your goal it’s time to re-evaluate.

What I would do is eat more in the morning. You first meal should be bigger than that. The timing seems ok. I would add in Surge for PWO, then do your 12:45 lunch maybe 30 minutes later than you normally do.

Also depending on your goals your last meal of the day is suspect. I would suggest little to no carbs and more fat. The only appreciable fat in your diet is the almonds (and you still only eat 10! why 10?). I would suggest some healthy fat and some casein protein source (Metabolic Drive for example) at bedtime.

You aren’t “dying” from lack of carbs. You are just hungry period.

Surge would help, proper post workout nutrition is just as important when trying to lose fat as when trying to gain muscle.

How much water are you drinking per day? This will not only help you feel full, it will also help with fat loss. If you aren’t paying attention to how much water you are drinking, start, it’s just as important as diet.

As for diet in general, I would add some healthy fats(walnuts, natural PB, olive oil)and lots more veggies.

Knowing more about your goals would be good, getting a high GL carb source with protein post workout is key(Surge).

We need to know more about your goals and stats. Also, how long have you been on this diet?

Hey guys thanks for your help. Realise not very easy for you to comment when I havent told you where im intended on heading! Currently weigh about 150lbs, height 5foot3, bodyfat is about 34 I think, so trying to loose some of that whilst retain what muscle I have, and trying to build a little at the same time, typically I want it all!

Im not lifting majorly heavy right now, im still beginning so im still trying to get my form right on some things, getting my body used to what im doing. I wasnt generally too concerned about my diet that I posted above, just the carbs, and pwo meals.

I have been aiming for nutritional values that I found were listed for women completing the v-diet on the nutrition clinic, I decided to take these values and try to get them from food/shakes etc. So far it seems to be working well. From reading a bit more today I understand that I need to get an insulin spike pwo. Im thinking of mixing my usual shake and putting in a small bannana and a teaspoon or two of pure clear honey.

I havent looked into this properly yet but thats just what im thinking for now. I know it would probably be easier to just get Surge or something, but I like to understand what im eating and where possible I would prefer to put it together myself.

Also, im going to re-jigg and eat something a little more substantial for breakfast, and move the pre work out shake to mid morning. Noted about the water, thanks for that, I have no idea how much I drink, maybe 5 cups of green tea a day and 2 waterbottles full when im at the gym, a couple glasses in the evening, who knows what that adds up to, will make sure im getting enough there.

Thanks very much for your help.

Also - from what I’ve seen (and experienced personally with quite a few women I know) is that women respond really well to nutrient timing strategies. Basically carb/protein meals early in the day to mid day and then protein/fat only meals later in the day and evening. Makes it tougher to go out for dinner, but oh well. Look up and read more on the P+C and P+F strategies. I would also suggest checking out the muscle sorority.

You’ve got a great start and a great attitude now all you need to do is get your plans implemented. I’m loving “re-jigg” too… I have no idea what it means but I’m going to start saying it daily.

I agree with the above posters - some very good advice.

As for a quick touch up, I think drinking green tea throughout the day will do wonders for your energy levels, mental function, and it might just possibly cause you to not crave the carbs so much.

Another thing - I don’t like the last meal. It’s the last meal of the day and it looks like it’s predominantly carbs. I think it should be protein/fat, with significantly more protein. Maybe a protein shake with cottage cheese?

If you don’t like hacking away those carbs, then move them to your breakfast - it definitely should be much larger! That alone I think will help you to feel more balanced.

Also, consider supplementing with fish oil.

Definitely eat solid food for breakfast. I like cereal and a bagel, but whatever solid food works for you. Also, you can drink more protein shakes if you want/can afford, but they shouldn’t be the staple of your diet. Make sure you get a shake in (or Surge) post workout, like you said.

On that subject, Surge has ingredients in it that allow your body to use the rest of the nutrients in it to fuel muscular recovery. Off the top of my head, I can’t recall their names, but I’m pretty sure you can’t find them in stores (it was discussed in a prior thread).

But good job on everything else. You’re headed in the right direction and with a little bit of “re-jigging,” you’ll be good to go.

[quote]Maccabee wrote:
No offense of course, but I am very much opposed to that suggestion.[/quote]

None taken, but I couldn’t tell you were opposed to the idea.

It was just a suggestion. I said I preferred it for myself, but that she could eat whatever solid food she saw fit.

cereal plus protein powder (if its a whole grain cereal) is a good p+C food in the morning. I personally prefer fruits + protein in the morning, but thats cause i hate my first meal of the day and flavoring protein shakes with fruits is great timing for those carbs… chocolate pineapple or banana + cinnamon = yummo !