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Think I Have Left Arm Tendinitis

For the 2nd week in a row I noticed left arm hurts when going full ROM on free weight exercises like seated dumbbell shoulder press, dumbbell chest press, etc.

I had this before 2018 so went to doc gave me prescription dose naproxen and told me not to lift for a few weeks…I hated that. This time around cause was from being a beginner and doing wrong form on barbell preacher curls I think…

Idk why it happened this time around I think from stretching awkwardly cause I’m doing exercises correctly without it being too heavy.

Any suggestions what to do besides replacing with machines for a while??

If it really is tendonitis:

Eat whatever you can to reduce inflammation.

Quite literally grind out the sore spot with a smooth rock or something. (You’ll want to cry)

Invest in some voodoo floss bands. They’re like $30. Research how to use them properly. I contribute these 110% to my recovery from tendonitis.

Perform full range of motion, with light weight, extremely slowly.

These all worked for me.

(Bonus effect, the floss bands completely remove the pain for about a full workout)

Dunno what kinda tendinitis you’re experiencing, but I had some bicep tendinitis affecting my shoulder.

Just did some more rear delt work, no overhead movements, and worked with SSB bars instead of a regular bar for squat. Just avoid positions that flare it up. For me, it was OHP but benching felt good.

COnsider a deep tissue massage too