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Think I Have Hypothyroidism

Hi there,

For some time I thought I might have hypothyroidism: I put on fat very easily, often feel tired, don’t sleep very well, get depressed from time-to-time, and feel the cold more than many people.

Having read the Thyroid sticky, I got myself a thermometer and have checked my temperature upon waking. My range across a number of days has been between 94.6 and 96.4 degrees, which seems to support my suspicion that I might have an issue with my thyroid.

I recently got blood tests to check my testosterone and thyroid function, and would be really grateful if you could give your opinion.

Unfortunately, because of me being in the UK, it seems like different measurements have been used than in the US. I know from previously having a my testosterone checked that it still seems to be towards the bottom end of the range Doctors’ call ‘normal’ - unsurprisingly everything else was deemed to be in the ‘normal’ range as well!

Sorry about the amount of tests but I’ll write the testosterone and thyroid tests word for word. There were also some tests related to cholesterol, which I’ve left out.

Serum testosterone - 13.2 nmol/l (10-30 nmol/l)

Serum sex hormone binding glob 39 nmol/l (10-62)

Free androgen index 33.8 (25 - 90)

HbA1c level (DCCT aligned) 5.1% (4.1-6)

HbA1c levl IFCC standardised 32nmol/l (21-42)

serum TSH 1.5 mlU/L (0.3-5.5)
Serum free T4 15.7 pmol/L (9-25)

Any thoughts would really be appreciated!

As you know, TSH should be closer to 1.0 and the others mid-range. Your fT4=15.7 should be closer to 17. The “gap” is not large, but might still be an issue. fT3 is what really gets the job done and T4 is mostly a reservoir for T4–>T3 conversion. We would like to have fT3 data to complete the picture. If we assume that there is something wrong, we are faced with a thyroid problem or iodine deficiency.

If you have not been using iodized salt continuously, then its safe to assume that there is a deficiency. In any case, a go with iodine replenishment is certainly more attractive than a life time of thyroid meds. You probably would never get a NHS doc to Rx thyroid meds because of your normal range labs.

Dry skin, feeling cold[y], brain fog[y], low energy[y], depressed[y],weight gain[y] brittle nails or hair, thyroid enlarged|sore|lumpy|asymmetrical?

It is useful to also see if you also cannot get to 98.6F mid afternoon.

So what iodine can you get there? Search for [NHS iodine] and see what others have done.

Lab ranges etc: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thyroid_function_tests

Please also review the advice for new guys sticky.

Thanks very much for the response, KSman.

It’s one of the hottest days of the year in the UK so far and very humid; I still only got 97.1 when I used a thermometer just now, although I’ll try it for a few more days and see what it average out at.

I haven’t been using iodised salt, which isn’t commonly sold over here but will make sure to buy some. I’ll buy some iodine tablets too, though unfortunately Iodoral is way too expensive to buy from the US.