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Think Big - Road to a 550 lb Deadlift


@losthog The good thing is I have got a few days of good sleep strung together since my squat session and my low back feels great, just got some lingering quad soreness. I have kind of modified how the deadlift sessions go to account for that and also programming from here on out will all be sets of 8 or less so that is helpful. I think 90% of my issue is not getting enough sleep and that has been extremely hard to control.


Nov 9 2018

Think Big Wk 4, Day 4 (to be continued)

225 x 1
275 x 1
315 x 1
365 x 1
405 x 1
440 x 1 (felt heavy but Prob Bc I haven’t touched weight like this in over a month)

Was gonna knock out my sets planned at 365 but my wife came calling needing something lol :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Top Single


Nov 10 2018

Think Big Wk 4, Day 4 continued

Front Squats (beltless, sleeveless)
Bar x 5
135 x 3
165 x 2
195 x 2, 2, 2, 2

Bent Rows
135 x 12 x 5 sets

35 x 10 x 3 sets


Some first impressions on this program:

This made me realize that I have been neglecting the thought of more muscle equals strength. For the past maybe year and a half I program hopped and would regularly hit singles at very high intensity with relationship to true max. My knees and shoulder were at the point of screaming at me, even squatting down with bodyweight I’d get cracks and some uncomfortable feelings. So I decided to switch it up to a more powerbuilding style of lifting for 4 months. The first month is done (basically 10’a block) and my joints feel a lot better and I believe my conditioning and work capacity has been improved drastically. I did not get measurements before this block but I did at the end so I guess that will have to do. I also started taking 5 g of creatine a day and believe that has helped some with being able to finish sets with a little more authority. By the 4th week on squats 280 felt extremely light which even before this program it never felt “light” and I could only rep it for maybe 10-12 with a lot of exertion. Being able to do that for 3 sets with minimal rest has been an eye opener. Super excited to see what training maxes will look like at the end of block 4


Yep hypertrophy blocks suck. I hate high rep stuff. But this Powerbuilding is just what I needed too. It’s going to be interesting to see where we end up at the end of this all.


@losthog you and me both lol. High rep stuff sucks but I do think it will be rewarding in the end


Yea I’ve been doing slightly higher reps (5 instead of just doubles and singles) lately and I feel that eventually you learn to make the lift as efficient as possible


Nov 12 2018

Think Big, Block 2, Wk 5, Day 1

Kinda rushed through this session. Typically I wake up and feed the little man put him down then go lift but he woke up after sleeping 11.5 hours straight. Never went back to bed so i had limited time to lift.

bar x 3
135 x 3
155 x 2
165 x 2 x 6 sets

Push Press
135 x 8 x 4 sets

Giant Set
Side Laterals 20lb x 10 x 4 sets
Rear Laterals 20lb x 10 x 4 sets
Band Pushdowns - 2 x 50


Nov 13 2018

Think Big, Block 2, Wk 5, Day 2

bar x some
135 x 5
185 x 3
225 x 2
270 x 2
285 x 8, 8, 8, 8

135 x 1
225 x 1
315 x 2, 2, 2, 2 (piss easy)

Glute hams
3 x 8

Ab wheel
3 x 8

Squats felt easy from a strength standpoint. Looks like my heart rate peaked at 165 bpm during the session so you can assume i was out of breath lol. Nonetheless i honestly felt like i could have done 10 reps on all the sets.


Dude when you do sets of 12 do you reset with each rep?Like a 2 second reset. I need to know if I reset does it count as reps or no . I let go of the bar and put my hands back around it,then do the rep.


With deadlift sets of 12, I typically do touch and go while using straps. Part of that reason is it allows me to be quiet (baby sleeping right above my home gym). Rep reset is probably more important for higher weights with low reps per set. I dont typically reset unless its leading up to an anticipated max out session or if you were peaking for a powerlifting meet. Then that would make sense to be more specific towards that style of lifting.


I dont have or use straps, and its impossible for me to to touch and go without my hands slipping.


What grip style do you use? hook or mixed?




You ever use chalk? Id say your on the right track using mixed grip. Honestly though if you can reset each rep your building more of that starting strength off the floor. Or maybe its time to get some straps so you can touch and go.


Should i alternate my mix grip?


I work out in a commercial gym so i cant use too much chalk. I dont have a job either,im a sophomore in high school so I cant afford buying a lot of accessories like belts,straps,chalk.I use most of my money on protein.


You can get a pair of straps pretty cheap (less that 15$). I would say yes, its a good idea to alternate your mixed grip. I personally dont mix it up but I only use mixed grip on my heavier sets so any issues of imbalances are kinda out of the window. If you cant pick up some straps then I would alternate. It probably also does not help you with equipment in a commercial gym. When i used to lift in gyms the bars knurling for deadlifts are terrible. I use a rogue deadlift bar and the knurling helps a tremendous amount with being able to grip for longer. Just skip out on the protein one month and pick up the straps.


Both will do I guess as other have stated.
If you do 12 reps you should be able to do 3 - 5 reps TnG.
I would switch the grip for each set, not in the middle.
As stated low reps high weight: reset build on the start of the lift.
high reps low weight go for time under tension TnG to build some posterior muscles.