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Think Anthony Pettis Can Dominate?


I think Anthony Pettis is really good. His striking is excellent, thanks to a 3rd degree black belt in TKD (a lot of fight fans knock TMA's too much; if anything, TMAs develop your speed, balance and coordination.. just saying)

His ground game seems okay too.

Think he can take it to the next level and dominate like Jose Aldo does?


Yes Yes and YES.

I was at the WEC live for Pettis's first bout in that organization, i forgot who he faced, but it was a veteran. Head Kick knock out. The kid is young, he has great striking, and trains with Duke Roufus, who is probably one of the best standup trainers for mma. He and aldo are fairly similar in their dynamic, explosive, yet technical approach to striking. I really see him sticking around and making waves.


Now I remember, it was the Danny Castillo fight.


i thought he got dominated by Guida on his last fight, until he nearly submitted him. i was ready to write him off as kind of a fluke until then, but he showed he's got heart, in addition to freakish standup and athleticism, as well as a decent ground game.

if he can develop his wrestling/clinch game and strength, i don't see why he won't be the champ down the road...


But Guida is far from the best wrestler in the division. I think Pettis get crushed by Maynard or Edgar (or Penn if he decided to drop back down to LW) right now. He would have to bring up his wrestling game considerably to be able to hang with those two (three).

That said, he does have a ton of athleticism, and you've gotta be a fan of a guy who can pull off Jackie Chan moves in the ring. So I really do hope that he continues to improve and one day holds the belt.


and is spending quite a bit of time with Team Alpha Male lately


If he works on his wrestling deficiency he has the tools to be great and maybe even hold the belt one day.


He's a freakish athlete so I expect him to have a solid wrestling / ground game


Guida showed he haven't yet.


why would being a freakish athlete give him wrestling + solid ground game

go rewatch the guida fight.
Guida is all about looking busy and is a great scrambler-
top control genius - he is not.

Pettis is super young Super talented
he is lacking in wrestling


Wrestling is the most important thing in MMA, till his wrestling is at the top of the division he will have a extremely had time being champ.


It's easier for more athletic guys to pick up techniques


How much grappling have you done?
is that the case with you?
that isnt always true