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Think About It...


I've got a question for all you boys and girls.

Lets say the govt legalized steroids, but taxed them heavily. You used to pay 6 bucks an amp, and now you gotta pay 20. But, it's legal and you don't have to worry about getting in trouble.

Would you want the rest of the world to have access to it?

I don't know what got me thinking about that, but I don't know the answer personally.



Interesting thought M-19....

Shit fire $20 bucks an amp would be a MF. There is no way I could afford it!!!LOL!!!!

Kind of makes you wonder if the demand would go up or not. If the demand went up, just think of all the "new labs" that would pop up. This could make the price go down some.

I'm kind of greedy, I wouldn't want everyone having acess. IMO.



I say no to legalizing. As many idiots as there seem to be, legalizing would have every 160lb 18 year old on the juice. Poor decision in my opinion.

Plus it's the closest thing some of us have to being badasses. Haha.


Interesting thought, but alcohol's illegal for people under 21 to possess, lots of idiots abuse things that are semi-legal. Steroids woulnd't be any different.

And I think he's saying the high price comes from the heavy taxing, not the availability.

If it were also quality controlled it might be worth it.


lol good stuff...


Well, if it became legal, we would all make our own. Just like you can buy a beer kit, wine kit, ... now we would have steroid kits. Except you would have to make 5 gallons at a time ... and you wouldn't be able to sell it ... so you would have to use it all or give it away to your friends as christmas/birthday presents. ha ha.



I like that idea!!!!


The problem is that legalizing stuff makes it cheaper, not more expensive.

Booze during prohibition cost way more than after.

Plus, with regulations, you would get higher quality control.

And wouldn't you feel patriotic paying your Test Tax?


Legitimate, prescription steroids and HGH are more expensive than UGL gear and far more expensive than powder.