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Things You've Made


Last year we did the Thomas Sky High Bridge Jump.

I don’t even know what is coming next. Restoration of an actual locomotive?


I wish Thomas just stayed in an empty field -lol



Are we talking about the garage messes we’ve made?? I didn’t realize - I want to play! This is my garage this past June, after 1.5 years of renovations that included an expansion onto an existing porch, complete kitchen replacement, addition of two baths (replacing a dated one with a half bath and forming a master suite) and the addition of a screened porch to replace the one we built onto. I built those things, too (we paid a structural engineer prior to starting, had a plasterer come for two days to do the ceilings, and then at the end had friends come out and help finish framing the porch over two weekends, which was due to time constraints - June 3rd wedding in the back yard - rather than need for help. Everything else we did ourselves) but there are pics of the kitchen elsewhere and the bath upthread. I’m really proud of this garage mess, though!


Here’s that porch, btw. We made the patio and stone wall in the foreground as well.

Here’s to fixer-uppers!


Well, it’s my part-time business making custom bike frames, so here is a small sampling.
My personal single-speed monster-cross bike:

My daughter-the-younger with her kick bike. She’s all of 16 months old in this pic, 4-yrs-old now.

This one is from my first year at the Oregon Handmade Bike and Beer Festival. My daughter’s kick bike next to my own gravel road bike. Had one (rather drunk) gentleman stop by late the first day all teary eyed – “I’m tight with the local creative community, and I’ve just gotta tell you, this is just ART, man.”

A road bike that I made and donated to a kids triathlon team I was helping to coach a few years ago.


Cool! Do you make them completely from scratch?

I’ve been wanting to build a bike for my kiddo (and myself) but I have a little leak somewhere in the gas line on my tig machine.

I could probably pick your brain for a week on the ins and outs of it.


From tubes and blank paper. All 4130 steel, fillet brazed (with the occasional exception of a cast fork crown). I have my own design philosophies, if left completely to my own devices. But I design for the rider in morphology and desired feel.


A rack for the bars in my basement gym. We currently have 3 bars. The texas bar is mostly in the rack. I’ve ordered bar number 4, an angled grip swiss bar so I’ll be picking up another set of hooks.


A purse I made as a client request for Christmas. He even picked out the lining as something his wife would like.


I love the contrasts in your projects. Art, strength, function, form.






You have alot of talent man!


That’s pretty awesome work!


Thanks, now I just have to figure out how to sell enough that it can be my full time job.


Scaling. It’s always tough. Don’t get caught up in the ‘tyranny of how’ though. Focus on sales. If you can sell 5/month now. Try to 10x that and sell 50/month. If the market is there for your product you can figure the rest out.


Well here’s the issues I face:

Getting word out about our products, they’re really a product that you need to see in person to appreciate since the online world is full of cheap bags from China and India that with a good photographer look the same quality for half the price. Unfortunately bags like this aren’t cheap to make which means I do’nt have the luxury of making 20-30 and putting them in stores on consignment which seems to be the only way anyone is willing to carry them. I get that since as a small maker I can’t go after chain or large stores, I need to purse smaller boutiques who also don’t have the resources to buy 3-4 bags and hope they’ll sell.

I’ve gotten quite frustrated honestly as I know there’s a market for them, that’s easily evident when you walk through a high end mall and see all the stores selling similar products at 3x the price, but I have no idea how to get sales to the point where it’s really worth my time to keep doing as anything other than a hobby.


A diagonally symmetrical tote/purse I finished today with black satin liner and two pockets. Custom order for a client.


Wow, in the weirdest coincident - I saw one of these today (coincidents because I opened this thread, got distracted and accidentally scrolled to the post after this one).

Anyway, I wanted to say these look very cool in today’s world! My son lost his shit haha


A new design we’ll be selling soon:

I’m working on a Krang design too.