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Things You've Made


Hell yeah man, very easy listening. I like it.


Little Halloween doodles


My newest creation
31 Likes, 4 Comments - eSavagery (@esavagery76) on Instagram: “Your #princesspeach is in another #gym Check out our newest deaign available on many of our…”


for a second there i thought it was a different drawing…


These were for my halloween Wolverine cosplay :joy:


Made this:

And also this:

Wanna Be Powerlifter

Nice, both look really good.

I’m working on this now

I know @Basement_Gainz & @countingbeans will approve, lol


I don’t get the joke, but it looks good!

(not american, nor do i keep up with any american politics. I do know its bernie sanders, but thats about it.)


Lol, ya, it’s American politics…

*It’s based on the kid’s book “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.


Nightlight, took ~1.5 weeks


Did up some sexy shaving kits for a show in a few weeks for a friend’s company. They’re lined with a lovely plaid. . .


Very nice


My homemade wrist roller


Probably took about twice as long as it should have, but hey, Merry Christmas, kid.


holy shit, did you make that?


Well, technically no lol. Spent all damn night putting it together because it came in a million fucking pieces, though. That counts for something, right? :joy:


As a father of 3, I can attest that it definitely does.



As a father of 1 I give you props just for being able to take triple the trouble without ripping all your hair out


I’m impressed. My son loves all matter of complicated, sizable, and difficult to assemble toys. Luckily the wife enjoys building such things, but on the rare occasion it falls to me, I truly respect others who are better skilled than I at such tasks -lol.



Made this a couple years ago for our little Christmas park

Took three of us the build the lights that canopy the courthouse. Wired the horses and carriage that sit on the lawn.