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Things You've Made


While none of my entries to this year’s “Inktober” have been real works of art, I honestly chuckled to myself while sketching this one at our kitchen table just before dinner tonight.




Thats from superman right?




I’ve got a couple new ones I thought I’d share. @The_Mighty_Stu has inspired me to try and draw something every day (you should follow is instagram if you don’t!)

Rick & Morty just saw a Squat Butt!

Your Princess is in another Gym

Not exactly Inktober (made this with Illustrator)


lol you know you get me with any rick and Morty stuff.



Ha! I can’t believe it’s gonna be 2 years until season 4, though…


it’s comforting just knowing they’re doing one. Season 3 was tremendous. That final episode with the president was awesome.


I went to the NY comicon a few weeks back and was surprised at how much R&M stuff (comics, games etc) was available. Not quite the same, but whatever. I’ll probably keep rewatching the first 3 seasons meanwhile.



Finished a weekender duffle today.


Just beautiful. I should have bothered you before I started accumulating different pen/pencil cases because I like to carry a few brush pens that are noticeably longer than most pencils and don’t fit in a standard pencil case -lol



I’ve done a number of tool rolls, pencil rolls, and pencil cases. One of my favourite is the twisting Japanese style.


My table is finally finished.

Right now it’s sitting in my dining room but will be moved to the kitchen when my stools arrive. It’s counter height, 3’ x 3’ to provide more work space.

I made the top and shelf from oak veneer plywood with solid oak trim on the perimeter. It’s stained light oak to be similar in colour to my butcher block counter top. It has seven layers of clear coat to protect it.

The legs and base were made by my brother. The legs are from 5/16" square steel smithed into the curved shape. The base that connects them is constructed from scrap garage door track.

While I’ve been learning wood working, he’s be learning black smithing. He lives a couple of hours away and was able to make them from my description of what I’d like and the measurements of height and size of the top.

I spent the past week grinding the forge scale off the legs. I had no idea that was a thing. My brother loaned me his angle grinder. The centre piece I cleaned by soaking in a vinegar bath over night. It worked very well but was messy. I ended up coating everything with mineral oil that I use on my texas power bar to protect from rust.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. It’s better than I visualized and I love the contrast of the light oak and the dark steel.


Very nice


I’ve never seen those Japanese ones before. Very stylish!



Someone posted a pattern for them on a leather worker forum I frequent so I made a few out of curiosity, they’re not too challenging though wrestling the zipper can be a bit fun and I don’t know that I’d bother lining them again. Everyone who sees them however just has to pick them up and play with them.


A little Halloween inspired doodling while watching tv with my son last night



Happy Halloween!



I thought this was probably the best one you posted on IG.


Thanks. I did Linus and Batman last year so maybe this will be a recurring theme :slight_smile:



I sometimes like to write and compose some original music when I’m feeling inspired or that I can produce something worth keeping around. Not sure if worth sharing here, though.