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Wow. That’s pretty nice looking. Have you worked with leather for a while?


3 or 4 years now. I’ve made a lot of things but this was my first double gusset briefcase. I’ll post some better pics once I get the edges finished. It’s not the best leather as I just wanted a proof of concept and it’s what I had laying around but moving forward I’ll be offering it out of a variety of leathers including Wickett and Craig Bridle Leather.



Giving you guys a few sneak peeks on my Inktober IG postings.




Finished the Jason Design


This one I’m really happy with


I finished the edges and added a strap so you can throw it over your roller luggage handle and secure it while you travel. I also added the retainer to hold the handles together when you want.




That looks great. What’s the close up of the stamp?



That’s our company logo/stamp.


@The_Mighty_Stu (or anyone) do you have any experience with graphic drawing tablets? I’m eyeballing a Wacom Intuos (maybe a 3 or 4) and I was just curious of your take.


*Must just get an Intous draw since it’s much cheaper.


I’ve had several Wacoms over the years. The traditional tablets (Intuos) are great, and a huge step up from trying to drw with a mouse.

When I was freelancing for Nicktoons (while also teaching full time so I had a bit of disposable $) I picked up a Cintiq, which is a pressure sensitive monitor you draw straight onto. Certainly not cheap, but for anyone who draws traditionally (pencil on paper), it’s amazing.

Since then I’ve had a series of tablet PCs, so I’ve alwaus been using pen styluses. I’m currently looking at upgrading to either the 2017 surface pro or the Wacom mobile studio. Google them and you’ll see how crazy technology in the arts has gotten :slight_smile:



Thanks. I have a surface pro 3 and I don’t love drawing on it, but I haven’t practiced a lot with it either. I don’t feel like it’s nearly as precise as drawing with pen/pencil, but I’m also a bit of a drawing noob, lol.

From what I’ve read the Intuos are a lot more precise (than the surface). The Cintiq does look really cool.


Made a travel messenger bag for my girlfriend to carry her ipad, cards, etc.


Really just excellent work! I’ve been through so many messenger bags, briefcases, leather drawing tool pouches that I seriously waste hours online looking at items I don’t need but imagine would be ultimate to carry my daily junk (drawing tools, laptop etc).



She bought a $25 version off amazon and it’s good but falling apart after a few weeks. So we made her a real one and it carries everything. It’s pretty epic.


I made this just for @ActivitiesGuy


I would be interested in a bag of that size, but without the fold-down accommodation for the ipad. I would, however, like some sort of accommodation for concealed carry of my S&W M&P Shield.


Hmmmmm. I’m sure we can do something. Fire me an email with details and info about how you’d like to do the concealed carry (I have a few ideas) and I can quote you.



I made a business…

Check us out at esavagery .com

We’re running a 10% launch discount “eSLaunch” off your entire order. Use it as much as you like. There’s a bunch of lifting related designs. You can also check us out on Instagram (esavagery76), FaceBook (facebook .com/eSavagery), and Twitter (@e_Savagery).

Once we get our feet under us, we’re going to run design contests and polls so you’ll be able to submit any ideas and if people like it enough we’ll make it. The idea originator will be compensated (tbd on what that will be)