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Things You've Made


I was quite literally planning to disassemble/gut/trash my entire garage today when the wife surprised me with needing her front brakes done, which puts off what I’m planning till next whenever.


So many distractions!

The only thing going up slower than the insulation I’m hanging in my crawl space, is my fucking bench press!


take steroids. They’re awesome for hanging insulation.


Some illustrator stuff: (posted this in my training logg as well.)

For anyone who knows illustrator ^

And the full product.
I’ve bin practising with illustrator allot, its not free-drawn. I’m pretty happy with the outcome!
Although some lines are pretty trashy.


He only has 2 whiskers on his left side in the completed drawing :astonished:


I think i might have accidentally removed the color, oops!

added the 3rd whisker!


Impressive, illustrator can be tough.


I’m working on a Halloween design now. Lately, I’ve been practicing a lot of free-hand drawing.


Deezify esque


Oh, snap. Nice find.


Nice. I’m currently making a list of drawings to do for this year’s “Inktober.” Last year was my first attempt at knocking out a sketch every day of the month, but I couldn’t really spare more than 15-20 each day, so while it was fun, I wish I was able to dedicate more time to it.



Totally agree. Those damn responsibilities are always in the way, though…


I’ve always been a little envious of good drawing abilities. I can’t make a stick figure that doesn’t look like it wasn’t made by a disturbed 9 years old.


A little work in progress from today between classes. If I like it when it’s finished maybe I’ll throw it up on my IG/inktober attempt :slight_smile:



That’s amazing. I don’t understand drawing ability. I see something but my hand just won’t do it.

It’s funny, because I look at Usain Bolt and I understand his talent. I can run, he can run faster. I can hit a (slow) pitch but Aaron Judge can hit it farther.

But I can’t even begin to figure out what synapses need to fire to allow me to draw anything other than a stick figure.


My artistic high point was a sphere, done in pencil. You could tell it was a sphere.


This is me, its baffling to see an artist create something in 10 minutes free hand what I couldn’t do if I had a year. Also singing, I’m so tone-deaf that I can’t hit a note even when Rock Band is telling me I need to raise my pitch higher/lower.


samesies. It fucking infuriates me.


I’m the same, can’t write my own name so I can read it… To add to your list, I can’t even clap on beat.


I just made my first double gusset briefcase. I need to finish the edges to make them pretty (instead of white) but other than that it’s done. I also need to finish the shoulder strap pad.