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Some Thomas The Tank Engine tracks-


Occasionally I throw some of my doodles on IG, which probably baffles the fitness folk who follow me. As opposed to the bodybuilding images which really puzzle the art folk who follow me -lol


EDIT; whoah! Those came out huge! Sorry guys, on my phone and the actual drawings were only a few inches when I drew 'em :confused:

@Chris_Colucci feel free to help out -lol


(Mullimby madness x widow) x Afghan/Skunk


Is that the baby you just had like a year ago??


No, that is time flying. He’s 4 now!


How long does that pinkish color last?

What else is back there?

What about bugs?

Nice fade!


Thanks for the love Flats!

Umm that seedline had ~35-50% of plants show pink/purple pistils at some point usually ~6-7-8 wks. Sexy plants but dutchweed - one in 10 was worth cloning.

Not 100% sure but I think the dark green one on the left is an old stretch hashplant. If it isn’t I was also running supersilver haze f2s so maybe one of them. SSH is fire :fire:

I really only had a problem with caterpillars in Butte.f If I kept them happy in the central valley sun, they fought thru thrips & mites. For cats, had to spray Bt 2-3x’s a week in early Sept when the moths were out. Indoors I relied on no pest strips (hotshots) & neem oil to keep the Borg at bay.

Current work is not as visually striking, but the OG funk is uncontrollable haha. Hopefully I’ll have an impressive “post your desk” pic come Sept :wink:


As all natural as possible, I like it.

I’m looking forward to September!


Since @The_Mighty_Stu threw some drawings up (fantastic btw), I thought I’d throw some of my recent work in illustrator up:

*Grant was actually photoshop.


Wait, did you make those tracks yourself?!

I have a ton of old Brio trains and Thomas the Tank Engine stuff at my parents’ house that my mom is just itching to give me for our future (not yet conceived) kids.


Not quite myself. Connall makes the center pieces or hubs then tells me he wants something around it. Those are my own designs though.

Then him and the dog eventually Godzilla them.

There is something about the whole Thomas thing that kids really just love. We’ve spent countless hours building and playing with those.



Once our house purchase is finalized, I’ll be playing with the damn things myself…


That never happens. But if it does it’s for a very good reason. Like “I just want to surprise him when he wakes up” or something.

(you can use that if you have to.):wink:


Very cool stuff! I’m a sucker for anyone else’s art. When I go to the zoo and see anyone with a sketchbook out, I always have to creep over their shoulder and see what’s going on :slight_smile:



holy shit, Stu. Those’re incredible!


I built the rifle and the hunting bag. A good friend of mine who is a gunsmith made the powder horn and helped me with the rifle. I’ve harvested deer with it.


That’s the other end. Add about 3 foot of barrel for the middle.


That’s really cool.

Hawkeye, Uncas and Chingachgook would love it!