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Show off![/quote]
Ha, not quite. Out of all the random screenshots I could’ve grabbed from any minute of the day, I snapped one with threads talking about a shriveled penis/testes and ejaculate size. Maybe not the finest representation of the forum as a whole.


Haha! We all got the idea, and still love you anyway :heart_eyes:


Love it. I have a teeny, tiny bathroom off my kitchen (weird but my house is 122 years old.) It’s narrow like yours (perhaps a bit narrower) and only has a toilet. I love the super low profile sink. That’s pretty much exactly how I’d set mine up, including the wood floor. Where did you find the sink?


Last summer exterior house renovations with my husband. I did all the marking, leveling and stone setting. He did the cutting. We both did the digging and tearing up concrete.

Phase one was redoing the rotting garden retaining wall with stone

Phase two was tearing up the concrete path and replacing it with pavers. They look awesome but the are slippery af with a skim coat of snow.


Yay for aftermarket bumpers!


We went through the building supply place’s kitchen guy’s big book, looking for the world’s smallest sink. We actually made a square shape that was leftover from our kitchen bump-out and a narrow bathroom that opened into our kitchen (mauve, with foil butterfly paper that I SWEAR TO GOD features penises) into a master bath, two closets, the little bath pictured, and a hallway that gives our bedroom some privacy. We did the work ourselves, as we did the kitchen renovation. Obviously I’m not the heavy-lifter (or the electrician or the plumber) but I feel a lot of pride in having worked side-by-side through it, and most of the design for everything is me.

Here, I feel I must show you the wallpaper I lived with for two years:

I didn’t make that wallpaper, though. This is the rest of that project, looking from the new doorway in my bedroom past the closets to the master bath. The little half-bath is to the left of this frame. Every part of this is new:


This looks so good! It wasn’t bad before, but it really shines now. I love your house, the little bit I’ve seen of it. Do you have a full frontal pic? Or would that be too much for you to post? I’d love to see the whole thing.

We did a front walk and back patio back last year. I’m curious to see what Hockey does when all of this construction is done. We’re adding a screened porch, slated to be done before the wedding (in the back yard) on June 3rd, and after that we’re done. I don’t see him relaxing, though. He’s like this relentless builder. Which means that I have to be this relentless sidekick, lol.


Yep. The thorax of that butterfly is definitely a penis.

I had some curtains in my old kitchen that had the most evil looking teddy bears you can imagine. They were like the “It” version of Winnie the Pooh.


It makes me think of the thread with the guy who didn’t want to have to talk to his grandmother. Evil teddy bears, bathrooms covered in penises - old people are interesting, man.


I’ll have to dig up some pictures. We’ve either done or had a fair amount of work done. My winter project this year and last year was stripping paint off wood trim. Last winter I did the baseboards in the upper hallway and the staircase. It was stripped, sanded and stained. Our baseboards are 9" high with a decorative profile that made stripping laborious but the finished product is nice


We still have to put 1/4 round down on the baseboards but I’m not doing that until something is done with the floors. They’re in pretty rough shape. The stairs now have a runner. My dog (shepherd/mastiff cross) sits on the stairs and dances around whenever anyone walks in front of the house so we were getting scratches. I prefer the plain wood but was losing my mind trying to buff them out. The runner is nice and works with the age of the house.

This winter’s project is stripping the door frames, doors and window frame in the upstairs hallway. I have two frames and one door to complete. Then it’s sanding and staining. It makes a hell of a mess. Next winter is our office and then the master bedroom. You have to like long term projects. I get bored as crap in the winter and this keeps me out of trouble. You can see the still painted hallway window frame in one picture. That took about 5 hours to strip. There was a lot of taping and tarping to keep the stripper sodden paint chunks off the finished stairs and carpet runner.

We’ve also done a lot of work on the main bathroom but I got a client to do it for me. Since I work in construction I know enough to know how you can F things up in a significant way if you don’t know what you’re doing. After watching them redo the freestanding shower I’m very glad we didn’t take it on.

This is the (almost finished) bathroom from when it was done 18 months ago. I don’t have any before pictures. I’m still in love with how it feels.


WOW, Ouro! I would be in love with how it feels, too! Yes, it’s filthy, disgusting work. We’re working on a screened porch addition right now and I’m loving how easy and pleasant new construction is in comparison to renovation.


Thought I’d share me and a friend’s project we just finished. Background is we were asked to do an end of year senior project and we didn’t want to do some essay on a generic subject like everybody does, so we found this:

We decided to do a project on “How to make the Ultimate Tailgate Vehicle”. So we painted it, added a bar and bar table on the side, put a grill up the top and put benches up there too. It worked out pretty well actually!

Now we impatiently wait until we can test it out…


This is DOPE!!!


This reminds me, my avatar used to be a picture of the Transformer Omnicron which my son put together when he was young. TN lost that picture when they changed the site so now I have to settle for the picture I have right now of me and my wife/cousin.


I’m about to make a mess in the driveway. The transmission fluid and filter in my wifes car needs changed and I’ve never done that before.

I’m usually pretty good with mechanical problems, but having never done it before makes me a little queezy.

If it goes good there will be no pictures, but if it goes real bad I’ll post a pic of what used to be a car.


I made this today- I realise it’s not amazing, but I’m just getting into whittling and I’ve got better pieces in the process of being made.


Also, I drew this yesterday.


Not meaning to be rude but what is it. Looks like a confused duck to me.


It is a confused duck.